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BrainPoop: Mim And Toby

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Well, my first submission to Newgrounds... that was made around 5 months ago. Yey.

Alright, well, read this first before you do anything, or else you'll make yourself look like a big idiot.

Well, once upon a time, I had this powerpoint project to do. My teacher said we (my group) could do something special for the powerpoint.

Before hand, my teacher would show us these BrainPop things (http://brainpop.com). If you go there, and click on science, click on one of the "free" subjects, and then you'll see some of the crappiest flash animations ever created.

Each animation would usually consist of this smartass cunt named "Tim" who apparently knew EVERYTHING, and this idiot robot who serves as the comedy relief named "Moby". They would contain one "random" letter that would apparently be relevant to what they were talking about beforehand. Then they would TRY to be funny and explain the lesson...


Anyways... I decided to make a parody of Tim and Moby. And this was the final result. Now, remember that the voice acting is the worst mainly because all of it was improvised. ALL OF IT.

Most of the animation was inspired by Misteroo's animation stuff, and other things. I am aware of the sync being screwed up for some odd reason at the end. I have no idea how to fix it.

So yeah. Enjoy and stuff.

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voice is terrible


your funny but not great

that was barely funny the best part was oh god in blacking out
i like brainPOP though its funny compared to this crap
(as if it wasent funny all ready)

GRRRRR! you anger me!!!!!!

BrainPOP helps you learn things! LIKE HOW TO DRAW!!!


Worst....Animation....Ever! It's better to delete this s*** then waste space on the server.

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3.71 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2006
7:51 PM EDT