Nameless 5 Vol.1

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The amazing adventures of Crippleboy and Chocolateman, THIS TIME THEY GET ARREASTED!

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that was a truly brilliant flash, verry random and fun.
dude, whatt?
he's been makin fun or everyone, get the big ole stick outta your asses and just accept your as open to fun makin as everyone else, no bugger gets upset when black cripple recons jews are good lawyers, so stop being arses chill out


"The book of turtles"

Wait what?

Making fun of the religion? He's been making fun of Jews all the time, yet you don't seem to speak up about that! Then he makes one random (random being the keyword here, because that is the theme of the series) remark about the Qur'an, and people are up in arms? I'm a religious man, not muslim or jewish, but religious none-the-less and also deal with remarks and such. This, this is a FLASH VIDEO. He did not mean to offend anyone, nor did he have in mind to do such a thing.

Anyway, funny video again. 10/10 (sorry my review is mostly rant based *winkwink*)

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Some certain kind of stupid

To make fun of a whole religion like that, Steriotypes is a totally different thing.

Not Nice. Very Offended

it was not nice at all,man. making fun of other religions is not funny. it offended me greatly the way u made fun of our religion what's with book of turtles.
that was not nice at all, dude. we as humans should respect others religions and it's very wrong to make fun of it.
i hope u don't make fun of religion next time u do a flash submission just so no one hate u for it.
and u need a lot of work on yr grammar and spelling.

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4.34 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2006
2:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Original

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