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Come and join to the first adventure inside the antique shop, Intriguinglies. The ancient horrors that has been gathered from all around the world and time lay in there. The shop keeper, Lurkwald Sludgemare will sure give you a service with a smile.

This will develop into a series. not sure yet if I have the time for it...

not much to say about it but... enjoy!


Great Job

It took me unti l about the 5th time watching it to realize thats was pandoras box

Good show mate.

That was to cool.

SMASHING job, lad! Simply SMASHING!

Sorry I wasn't online for you to tell me about the release- I was having interweb troubles and such...

I was really surprised and delighted to see the finished project. Really AWESOME job. This is without question the finest flash you have ever made. The art itself was good, but the animation was simply phenomenal. I envy your fbf talent!

And you've hit a really sweet chord with the "dark-'n-surreal" style. Can't wait for the next one!

And judging from the number of views you got (over 25 thousand, WOW!) I'd say you got front page. Congratulations, man, congratulations. You're definitley going places. Good luck with life.

ThreeTrees responds:

Whats up with you Floridians and not coming online whenever I publish a new movie and not being in the base? I thought you got eaten by a tornado... or a garpike...
anyway thanks man!

Willy Wanka meets Jack Skellington

That was an -excellent- story all around - good plot, good drawing, good storyline development... Any chance of having more of this particular shopkeeper and his shop? Maybe you've already done so, but if you haven't, I think it would make a great series. Just a thought, though. :-)

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Good score dun mean i like it.

I gave it a score for what i thought it to be worth but that doesn't mean i like the material. (just my $0.02)
In anycase, graphics were clear and certainly had a style of the animator come through. Sound was well done/chosen to manipulate the viewer's state of emotions and the violence of Pandora's Box was pretty damn obvious but nonetheless good.
I personally found no humor in it, but that's a matter of opinion.
The only funny/ironic thing i *did* find was in the title only *after* i finished watching.
Won't say in case there's those who haven't seen it yet but it was interesting.

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3.98 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2006
9:58 AM EDT