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Apr 19, 2006 | 9:58 AM EDT

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Come and join to the first adventure inside the antique shop, Intriguinglies. The ancient horrors that has been gathered from all around the world and time lay in there. The shop keeper, Lurkwald Sludgemare will sure give you a service with a smile.

This will develop into a series. not sure yet if I have the time for it...

not much to say about it but... enjoy!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Quite nice. :P
I loveed how you did the perspective changing so fluidly and correctly(except for the very begining, the cover on the building was off..). The artwork was rather good, but could of been better. But the animation was fantastic.

I just wish there was more of an ending..

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new personal fav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this submission.
1.It had some of the best graphics ive seen on newgrounds.
2.It had a few references to greek mythology one of them being my fav's of course im talking bout pandoras box which by the way was a brilliant idea!
3.This was one of the most original ideas ever ive seen on newgrounds. only had a few problems though one was the sound; the voices were kinda difficult to understand. And the letters were sometimes almost impossible to read especialy against the red brick backgrounds.
5.You better make a series out of this,for one it would be the perfect idea for a series and two i will hunt you down and make sure you never get my hopes up on what could be one of the best series on newgrounds again....ever.......j/k.....but not really.

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Needfull Things!!!

That was a great book, you made a decent spoof flash. No one seems to realize it though.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I respect you tremendously. Not just because you made this outstanding animation, but because you put in a reference to Pandora's Box, which not all Newgrounds users might pick up on. For all you unknowing:

(I used to know the whole story, but what I remember is relevant) Pandora's Box is named so because the Gods gave her this box and told her to take it to her parents(who I believe were Gods as well), but not to open it along the way, that it contained things she should not see. Unfortunately, Pandora's curiosity got the better of her, and she opened the box, unleashing all evils into the world (like cancer, homicidal maniacs, American Idol, etc.)

I loved the cinematography, and the idea that by leaving her doll on the counter, she abandoned her innocence. I thought the shop-keeper might try to tell her to get it, but he didn't. No matter.

For you, senor author. It is amazing, but to make it ALL the more phenomenal, allow me to give a few tips:

-the girl's walking took an awfully long time. I know she's small, but perhaps you could save yourself a few frames or whatnot by extending her foot's reach and making her walking less time consuming
-I noticed a small, colored patch on the shop owners head. Is his brain showing? Is it something at all worth noticing? If so, either zoom in, or leave it out. It left me guessing, but not in the good sense. If it's relevant, include; if not, exclude.
-That cat was dope, also clearly a feline version of the Chimera, another mytholigical creature/reference. I love Mythology, and I hope that your further episodes will not deviate in style.
-Maybe include a dog hydra? Or a parakeet hydra? Something interesting
-Why have him tell the girl not to go in the room if she ends up having no interest in it anyway? A diversionary plot device -- again, either leave in and extrapolate, or exclude entirely (unless it will have further relevance in the series...but really, if that is the case, include such a reference in the later episodes)
-I think it might be kind of comical if you were to insert a moral at the end of the episode. Like for this one, something like "Be careful what you wish for", or "Never take candy from strangers". I don't know, I'm not being original. I just figure while you're on the obscure (and I say obscure because most NG'ers might not know Greek myths), you might as well insert some humorous plot device in the end, something to make us laugh, but in the "oooh...she did some bad shit...heehee" kind of way.

This is the LONGEST review I have ever written. You should be honored. Therefore, you should also continue this series, or else I will exact my revenge in such a refined and terrifying manner that you will RUE THE DAY you made this and did not continue.


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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Wasn't Very Impressive...

It was a decent effort, but the plot seemed really drawn out and meaningless. The feel you were aiming for wasn't there in my opinion. It wasn't very creepy or anything like that, and the shopkeeper's jargon wasn't helping any... You should have kept the dialogue simpler, instead of trying to use big words you probably didn't understand. Don't give up though.