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Come and join to the first adventure inside the antique shop, Intriguinglies. The ancient horrors that has been gathered from all around the world and time lay in there. The shop keeper, Lurkwald Sludgemare will sure give you a service with a smile.

This will develop into a series. not sure yet if I have the time for it...

not much to say about it but... enjoy!



Definitely the best flash I've seen in quite some time. It had the morbidity of a Salad Fingers. Lurkwald, whose vocabulary is indeed prodigious, seems inspired almost by "Freaky Fred" of the courage the cowardly dog series. I love the reference to Pandoras Box. This one is way up there with me. (plus, even though the cat was some kind of monster thingy, you still made it cute, kudos)

It made my eyes bleed

What can I say....your animation was bad, the sound quality was horrid, your rotation effects would have been two nice points but alas the box ripped in half, the sub-titles were red on a brown-brick red background, there were more pointless idiotic tangents than South Park's parody of Family Guy, and finally saving the best for last your use of "extraneous" words combined with the close ups made me want to cry.
I award you no pts. Mr. Madison and may god have mercy on your soul.

Does that one count as a first customer?

Very nicely done, I liked it alot, espescially the vocabulary of the shopkeeper, I think the highlight of your movie, was the mythilogical cat creature with the three green eyes, I look forward to the next time you grace newgrounds with your next flash's presence, I have some ideas so if you want, you can contact me at Link4009@hotmail

wicked submission

this is fab i love his choice of words and the way i felt like i'd been trippin on acid by the end of it. i dont get the name though...or that door... i think a sequel is in order coz i really wanna know wots behind that door


i can c this is going to be the start of something good!

or y else would it be on the front page?

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3.98 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2006
9:58 AM EDT