Identity (2006)

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Originally made for an art project in which i created the character and specific style of animation, as well as maintaining the style and dark humor (You may not be disturbing enough to find it funny, but thats just the way some people are) the animation is riddled with. Enjoy!
Also available on google video > http://tinyurl.com/phu4m
*UPDATE* Thank you for the front page earlier this month. But mostly Thank you to Rachel (the resident scientist) whom I Love very much xX

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that was pretty good.

iv seen this before... can't remember when. but ah well, very good.

Wow, very good piece of animation!

I wasn't dissapointed with this piece of flash. The animation looked simply drawn but was so brilliant. The detail put into the sorrounding environments and the movement of objects was very good. I liked how the graphics were hand drawn, stick images, it really gave across the feeling that this mans life is horrible. There were also only 3 colours, red black and white, which made the cartoon portray across this mans dreadfully dull and depressing life.

I loved the sound, i like how you even when to the effort to use footstep sounds on grass and on the pavement. All of the other sound effects such as water gushing, the car going over the dead animal and even him throwing up were all brilliantly done, well done.

The only bad thing i can really say about it, i didnt really understand why he was sorrounded by death and why at the end he just walked away from the plane, it confused me a little. I think maybe the point your trying to get across is the fact that death is part of life and it doesnt amtter whether its a big or small creature, were all the same...
...I have no idea =] but anyway this was a very nice flash, well done!


Completely Disturbing. But,


Love it, what else can I say? Graphics Were Great, Audio was Great, ... The Sickness Factor Was Also Pretty Great. Not Many things Make Me Sick So There. Good Job.

thank god

it kinda irritates me that people blame their own
ignorance on this movie. i, rather applaud this
for showing the triumpth return of dark humor.
it does require taste for this type of material,
otherwise you'll probably be bored with this
animation. the art style was simplistic in design,
but rich with flare and subtle detials. sfx were
appropiate, and it's nice to see something different
from the mundane potty or incoherent sense of
humor that newgrounds is now plagued with today.
truely a rare gem!
score: ****

Very serious |:-[

This is a very nice movie, Although I usually don't like these serious themed movies which think they are too good for real graphics, this was pretty fine for a movie like this. I have actually enjoyed from it a lot, in spite of the fact that it wasn't funny, which is one point for you. This movie certainly deserves its daily reward, and even something better than that.

The graphics were pretty goodn for this kind of a movie. The charecters in this serious themed and simple movie, in spite of them being plainly drawn, matched the movie perfectly. Actually, they matched it perfectly due to their very simple look. Besides that, I liked the objects that you have drawn, these are very accurate in spite of the simpleness of the man in movie, makes you think. However, the graphics is not perfect, I think that the background could contain more details. Also, there are some objects which are not very nicely drawn.

The animation in this movie also macthes very nicely to the simple movie and its simple style. The fact that this is a FBF animation (or at least looks like that) emphasises the meaning of the movie. I have also liked your way to animate (and draw) liquid according to this black and white movie. Very good animation.

The sound in the movie was very well put in its place. I liked the fact that you could have heard every simple sound you barely notice in real life very hard. But maybe you could have added a soundtreck at the background in a very low volume?

The violence in the movie was in the perfect ammount, not too much violence to make it gross, and not to few to make it a la-di-da movie. I think however that the blood could be more real looking.

The script was very good, although it seems like it was nothing at all. I, once again, liked the simpleness of the script and the meaning behind it, but the script is worth nothing without the great directing and style. Also, the ending was nice, because of the fact that there is allegedly no actual endng. Anyway, the script was very nice.

Evantually, the thing which made this movie: The style (when I say style I mean directing) is absolutely magnificent, I have nothing bad to say about it, so I will just throw a bunch of things I liked. Firstly, the obvious thing which I keep mentioning in this review, I liked the simpleness of the movie. The fact that there is no one talking in it, the simple script, the FBF animating, it all points to the same great simpleness in the movie. Secondly, the fact that the movie is only with Black and white and red. I liked it because it emphasises the meaning of the movie, the black and white the simpleness and the red emphasises the violence in the movie. Thirdly, the great anding of the movie, you have really found a great way to emphasise the script and its meaning.

To sum it up, it is a very good movie, you need to improve the graphics a bit, so as maybe adding a soundtreck at the background. The rest was very good though, especially the directing of the movie. I have enjoyed watching this movie a lot, well done for this wonderful movie.

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4.04 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2006
5:08 PM EDT