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Okay, before you watch the movie, know that I have NOTHING against Canadians. I'm in no way racist, especially not towards people that aren't really any different than I am (an American) anyway.

It's taken me four years, but it's finally here. This is Chapter One (of five) of Keegan's Truck Chronicles. It takes place between Part 2 and Part 3 of Keegan's Truck 5. I would advise you watch the entire Keegan's Truck series before watching this (including Part 3 of episode 5), but due to the chaotic chronology it's not exactly a requirement.

There are some things I would ask of you before you view this movie. First, understand that my drawing skills have not improved a great deal since kindergarten and because of this my earlier movies were very...strange looking. Rather than attempt to improve my ability to draw, I've instead worked hard to improve my ability to make a good movie and use my crude drawing style as the foundation for the graphics in this movie.

I know the file size is larger than what is typically found here. It was my goal to have it under five megabytes, but this movie is so packed that it just couldn’t be done without splitting it into pieces. Also, the movie will run maybe around twenty minutes, depending on the speed of your computer and your reading speed. There is an easy to navigate scene selection here, so if you get bored or want to take a break you won’t lose your place.

Thank you, Tom, for allowing me to upload this to the portal. And thank you, everyone, for taking the time to watch my movie. Please, write a review, or send me an e-mail telling me what you think. I spent a long, long time making this movie in the hopes that people would enjoy it.


This was really bad

Im sorry but the graphics and animation was so slow and boring, jesus christ i couldnt even watch it to the end it was that bad. The frenchman's accent was annoying and hard to read, so sorry but this was boring. Work on your animation because the people, backdrops, explosions and blood were crap. I cant believe you actually usedgradients for the explosions and robots!!!! How nooby is that!!


Get your fucking facts straight! I'm Canadian, I don't recall all that shit about slavery and injustice! Oh yeah, pay a visit to Earth, you'll be surprised to figure out that no one looks at all like shit animation or fucking robots. One last thing, can a girl who throws plates and cars at people really be called fucking innocent?!

I sort of liked the chicken suit guy though.

AzureSt0ne responds:

Listen buddy, I don't know where YOU went took American History, but where I went to school, you know, in the year 2072, there was all KINDS of Canadian slavetrading going on!


So freaking long and boring, u should of made something short and awsome instead. U just got lazy on the characters and i will not read all that text the're saying. U could of atleast tried to put it into like 4 parts with better graphics, voices and animation to keep a decent file size. 4 yers wow......sad.


the only thing i can say is just practice drawing. other than that it was perfect.


Wow, dont let the lack of graphics and voice acting fool you, truely this is fine flash if you give it a chance. The battle and fight scenes are amazing even if you theyre not on par with other flash works such as Madness or such, and to improve on them wouldnt seem wise since the originality of the characters (frenchman lol) just seems to fit in. I know this is not for everyone but if you got time to spare and an open mind, this flash work might be just for you :D

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Apr 18, 2006
5:00 PM EDT