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Music Video 2

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Holy moly, frontpage! n_n
Thanks NG!
And yes, MC6 is still on the way...


good one

i kinda like the original one a little better, but this 2nd one was pretty good too, nice graphics, a good song and nice usage of madness-style characters too, i kinda missed them in the original one.
overall, it was a great 2nd 'music video'... hope to see a 3rd one soon.


When is maddness 6 coming out. PLEASE RESPOND!

Pretty good krinkels.

Well, I thought the flash was quite good. The black and whtie style was very nice, it gave it a certain feel. I notice that the madness figures weren't drawn as in your other films, and that made this one look more unique.

I think you could improve by making it a bit longer. The intro was slightly boring, of the water droplets, or whatever they were. Make more random stuff in the middle, it doesn't exactly have to relate to the plot.

Good luck on the score, and all your future movies.

5/5 Because I could really tell you tried, and your effort shows. The graphics were done in a great style, and the music was fitting. Good job.

Sweet music video.

You have a very good style...almost god given. You are great at flash, and I await seeing more in the future.

good music quite cool the rest

for a lot of it i didn't rli know wat was going on there other thasn that it was good. where the ppl in glasses from the madness series ?

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4.34 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2006
4:44 PM EDT
Music Video