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OMG! SMB Mishaps!

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6/20/08 - Goofy Goober Rock was not performed by Twisted Sister, I made an error in the credits, so don't be fooled by the song, and it's similarities from "I Wanna Rock". It was actually performed by Tom Rothrock and Jim Wise.

12/22/06 - The sequal is released. Here's the link: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/355492

8/07/06 - Is it just me, or is it that people are decidning to give ass reviews to my movie? I got a coulple of useless reviews recently saying it sucked and it was nothing else helpful. Don't you people have better things to do than be abusive on my movies? Go take a jog, or something, but I won't put up with this kind of shit. If you don't like it, do not bother reviewing it because you'll just make an ass out of yourselves. Period.

5/21/06 - Typos are now fixed! If there are any more errors, or mistakes, go ahead and let me know.

5/9/06 - READ HERE FIRST!!
Ok, I have been getting reviews lately saying that I ripped off some scenes from other peoples work such as Randy Solem! Well they're not, THEY ARE REMAKES! Hell, if you even look at the bottom of these comments! You will see the link to Randy's Second movie. If I get another review that says "OMG you stole that from Randy!", I'm gonna be extremeley pissed off because I have explained this a dozen times already! And I better not get a review about my comments like someone else did when he reviewed my movie.

For anything else to say, yes, I know there are typos, but I can't fix them now, because my computer was taken. I'm using someone elses computer to respond my reviewers. When I get it back, I'll fix up these problems ASAP!

4/18/06 - Holy Shit!! My first portal award! Daily 5th Place! HOHO!! This has totally made my day! Thank you Newgrounds! This rocks! WOOH!!!

4/17/06 - I thank those of you who gave proper critisism. As of now, I think this is overrated by my score. Anyway, for those who liked it anyway, I'm glad oyu liked it.

4/17/06 - ok I am getting tired of your abusive reviews, pple. Critisize consrtuctuvely, or don't review it at all!!

Sorry that I haven't submitted a movie for a while since September. I was in a struggle with school and family issues. lol. I also have a web site up, but I won't give out the link yet.

Anyway, Here's a mishap movie of the All Star game of Super Mario Bros. I made when I was board. I got started on this movie back in December, but it took me a while due to family issues, and school. Anyway, one of the scenes include a remake of one of Randy Solems old ass movies; Marios bad Plumbing, or something like that. Here's the link; http://www.newgrounds.co

Anyway, I have no more to say, I hope you enjoy this piece of crap! If you don't like sprites, do not review. If you didn't enjoy the movie, give proper critisism. Vote fairly, enjoy, and Happy Easter Day! :D

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LOL! The rocking music at the end of the credits is from Twisted Sister! That alone is awesome!

the ending song is from spongebob sqerepants movie

i went so crazy when i heard this song a long time ago even i did a baddass guitar solo you rock man

Mama FUCKING mia!??!??!?!?!?!?

mama f(bleep)a