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Ultimate Ninja Showdown 3

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The Thread - As this is a Battle Flash vs the American Zombies (another ngs users) Twin Ninja

The goal of this flash is to take another persons ninja (from newgrounds forum) and totally humiliate them, and kick their weak pathetic ninja asses with Inu Daiben, the Ultimate Ninja Supreme!

I'm glad it made frontpage, hopefully more people will be creating UNS style flash as we battle it out for the Ultimate Newgrounds Ninja!


Uhh great movie

Funny but plz help how do i post my ninja on the board plz reply cuz i have the perfect one to shove a katana up Inu daiben's A$$

This one is good too

This movie is really cool. But maybe as you know I posted a ninja on the board. But you said no game characters so I can't use that one. Now i have a new ninja but it says im double posting when I try to post it. Can I only post one pic or something? But anyways great flash man. All of then are really good.

PureCarnage responds:

Yeah one pic per post, ie, no 2 pics in one post. Thanks for diggin' UNS.

good movie

Hey that was a fricken awesome movie!!!! theres just one touch up you could do is just the fighting.... it must be hard doing it in 3D but you try and make the fighting a bit faster and more seable. Oh and one more thing ... I don't know how to reply to reviews for my movies .. could you please tell me thnx!!!

PureCarnage responds:

Thanks BlindNZ... glad you liked it.

aggree with last guy

usally if I see a brutal comment it makes me wish to tell the person to lay off but...........

this did not make me laugh AT ALL it was not funny and the fighting was a wast because you dont get a good feel for the movments it is all just a gumbel...................

do better next time!

PureCarnage responds:



Their voices were awesome, the idea was strange...(HoMoSeXuAl) and the graphics were...yeah...lets leave it at that...

PureCarnage responds:


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2.97 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2006
3:00 PM EDT