Madness potter

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It is finally done ! The movie you have been all waiting for... or not ^^
After 6 month of work, my tribute to Krinkel's very famous serie is over ! I don't know how i can have spend so much time on it, but anyway, here it is, enjoy the show !

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Poter wins


A classic madness animation

Wow, we sure got to 456 pretty quickly! Must be a record! Madness has just been done with everything. I wish there was an MLP madness. Avada Kadavra doesn't leave any visible wounds. Well, it wouldn't be as fun this way.

I admit the animation could have been better. You needed better lines. It still had pretty good music. I was afraid it wouldn't have any at first. Harry's never been this bloodthirsty.

OLD but good

wow, such a clever movie!
this movie was an awesome combination of harry potter, madness, star wars(sabers), the matrix (fight scenes), and of modern humour (broom, and the modern equivallent of the broom, is a vacuum cleaner flying?! LOL!), while it also had fun moments to enjoy, such as the troll falling down to 456 ninjas killing them, and raising potter's killcount into 462 kills, LOL!
the killcount counter was also a nice touch, reminding us of the madness universe/style, and ofcourse the part with the 1000 ninjas is also funny, and the angel ninja turning into chicken, or the ghey ninjas fighting with harry, and then in the very end of the scene, the evil boss-madness mage is actually voldemort and he raises the ground up(just like the auditor in madness does), and the final battle starts, making us scream with awe and horror....
also the ending was great an hillarious, i truly enjoyed this movie, because it had a good balance of violence, humour, action and a STRANGE (but effective!) combination of the madness/HP/star-wars/matrix universes in one single movie.

an impossible task, but you've managed to complete such a hard feat.
congrats! you are a legendary man!

great animation, i expect great stuff from you.

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4.27 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2006
7:51 PM EDT