castlevania : Future

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fp/s - 27
frames - 8500
***lol, allot of people give this a bad Score, because just..alucard showing his Penis,and then they Use the whip to kill the penis..., is there something wrong with that!?", ***Remember, ITS JUST A FLASH MOVIE!!
hi guys, this is my latest Flash, Castlevania, but i think you will enjoy this work...,in the first scene you can see i was more motivated, and second and third scene are less better then the first...but you will enjoy this,
all i can say till now , ENJOY!! =D


its awesome

ahahah i a couple years trevor will know the truth about simon but terribal graphics

XD One of the best sprite movies...

i've seen in a long time, it was funny, it was cool and it was the first time i heard Castlevania by Cradle of Filth in a flash movie n_~ can't wait for the sequel

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rebaz responds:

then you have mist the Best Castlevania Movie there is,

go search under the Author's Name : Roger Gargantua

because of him i satrted this movie, but it seems it didnt do as good as his,

that was good but maybe not so blury

good movie this is definitly one of my favorites but wish it had better graphics

rebaz responds:

yea,...they look like 2-bit graphics, but i dont care....srpties RULEE

Pretty random, but very interesting. Fighting styles of the Belmonts was very original and cool. Great work!

Great work

I still love the style of your animations, taking our favorite 8-bit game characters and putting them in new . ..actiony . . .adventures .. . .also, your storytelling isn't too bad, how much depth do you need in an action animation?! Thanks again for another quality piece!

rebaz responds:

lol, this is apile of shit .XD just read what MR-smokey1 has to say for it

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3.97 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2006
12:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody