castlevania : Future

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fp/s - 27
frames - 8500
***lol, allot of people give this a bad Score, because just..alucard showing his Penis,and then they Use the whip to kill the penis..., is there something wrong with that!?", ***Remember, ITS JUST A FLASH MOVIE!!
hi guys, this is my latest Flash, Castlevania, but i think you will enjoy this work...,in the first scene you can see i was more motivated, and second and third scene are less better then the first...but you will enjoy this,
all i can say till now , ENJOY!! =D


sum' good ol' sprite shit:p

inpressive, you made some great fighting scenes, people should make more shit like this. keep up the good work;)

rebaz responds:

EHehehheeh, Thnx man!


although i got very confusd by the story line , i don't get it *_* REALLY

but the battle scenes they are so cool and funny (if you overlook they are just NES sprites) , wow ^^ especally if you played much of the games on NES and SNES as child ... it would be nice if you make a sequel or something...

rebaz responds:

yea, there is no plor. its kinda randomly stufzzle.. lol, why everyone keep saying, if there is a Sequel, can't you see This fucking SucksXD, well atleast.... 2/3 scene, the first scene best, thats what i thinkXD


good work

yeah the story does need work, but not that much. it was randomly bad, but in a good way. it was all over pretty good, the fighting was excelent and it was just the right lenght. well done

rebaz responds:



GLad ya liked it XD

That was pretty funny

Hey That me laughing for like almost ever. Keep making this castlevania stuff. That was also pretty cool. I loved the sounds. That part when that guy stuck out his thing was pretty nasty but funny after trevor or simon wipped it! LOL sTAY COOL MAN stay cool.


rebaz responds:

ehehehhe, dude...come on, does it realy mather, just a flash, but still glad ya liked itXD, dont have much of these reviews at this submissionXD lol

that could have been better

the whole thing of the penis was kind of mest up but it could have done better like added act. talking or the come up with an alternet ending where simon and trevor touch each other and break the fabric of time, or the meet up with richter futher on. those ideas could have made it a ten.

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3.97 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2006
12:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody