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-For What It's Worth-

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Hint!: You should probably watch this movie at least twice all the way through in order to catch everything!!

This movie was rather experimental in it's animation as well as it's story. I've played around in past movies with using photographs (peach moon) and hand drawn images (The Night I Was Almost Murdered...) and so this time I decided to combine the best of ALL worlds and see what would happen. This movie contains photographs, hand drawings, photoshopped drawings, paintings, cardboard cutouts, and characters drawn in flash. As for the story, I wrote out all the different scenes I wanted to use and then scrambled and reorganized them so that the story is presented in a nonlinear fashion

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Wow, I thought that cartoon was wonderful! It was mostly because it's just so awesome to see such an amazing twist ending! I'm glad that the animation is so good too. The music is fantastic. You just truly know how to set mood. You really did bring a powerful message.

It's about how we all need to value how important we are. That idea should never die. Even the title is strong. Was the grey guy supposed to be a robot? It would have been more interesting if he was.


i thought it wud turn out to be some robot invasion thing...but wad happnd here left me speechless


I don't know what to say. I must say I was surprised by the ending! Interesting.


I'm speechless ,it was wonderful


Brilliant storytelling and concept. Incredibly entertaining and smart. Well done