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starwell ep12:Captain80s?

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*PLEASE READ* As some of you know-I do this series for a health Company- so I don't have alot of creative control- I do have some- but they tell me the topic to write the story about and it has to be for all audiences... I put one ep up to see how the average person likes it- enough people liked it to warrant me putting more eps up- now it's a series on here. if you don't like starwell- that's fine- I don't care, this is not my baby-it's a job. I am in the works with another creator, of making a series for newgrounds, that will be completely under our creative control- so maybe some of you who- like the few jokes, and the style of animation in starwell- will like "Area 52", on the next ep of starwell- I'm going to try and have some easter eggs that preview stuff from the new series. so look out for that ^.^

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Still good.

Hey i understand you have your limits with the flash due to warrents of this series being a job more then a flash you actually do full force (kind of like the issue with Jhonen Vasquez,Invader Zim and Nickelodeon) but i do like this series very much so but i got to admit a lot of the Newgrounds community probably wouldn't be interested into flashes that talk about good health but i still like this series very much so and i got to admit i am interested into this "Area 52" series you are talking about cause if it's a series you get to have complete control of i would really like to check that out,best of luck to you in the future.

Love it

A different style of graphics in this one, heh. I love the different style, the backgrounds and the idea as well. not familiar with the concept this one is based upon, but it still turned out funny as hell. keep it going!



Haha this was cool, i do like the mixture of art and animation with backround jpegs, you might want to think about adding some subtitls though, it was funny with the funny characters and such, anyways nice job...

Some subtitles for the characters, aslo bringing in more funny characters would be nice...

Nice mix of jpeg and toon, a decent and funny animation...



You've got an interesting art style concept! What suprises me though is how you managed to get away with showing that walrus smoke a bunch of cigarettes and then show a random picture of a shirtless fat guy! But still, at least you managed to push the envelope, and is Starwell really dead? You need to bring him back! He's too funny to die! :D


Since it was made for a health company, I can forgive the boring first part...it wasn't decent until you got to the evil conspiracy at the very end.

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Apr 14, 2006
9:38 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place April 15, 2006