Xenomorfos Killer 2

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In this game, you have to shoot the bad guys to strip the good ladies. So, this is a shooter/strip-tease game. The girls are characters from PS2 games, like Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield (Resident Evil), KOS-MOS (Xenosaga), Julia Chang (Tekken), Candy Cane (Rumble Roses) and Helena (Dead or Alive). Some of them are locked at the beggining, but they are unlocked as you progress in the game. If you are willing to do full strips, please be sure to read the instructions.


Pretty fun

Fun and somewhat unique. I always love fast paced shooters. mixed with girly dress-ups and im sure it will rate good on here. I beat the game, so guess i like wasting time. total points: 5,927,235 Bigget combo: 257. Didnt think it would count that in the end so didnt really try to work towards it. Shooting is good..titties are better, so ~props~

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renatop7 responds:

Yes, you probably like wasting time, just like me. As for the scoring and combo, I don't remember my records myself :P There were lots and lots of testing and modifications until this version came up...

Pretty good, but could be better..

Game was pretty good, however lots of needs for it, for one, it needs save system, too much work to do to just lose it all if you were to accidnlty exit out, or need to exit out.
The girls need to be drawn a little better, and little more interaction with them after you unlock them.
Again, good game, just needs a few things to it.

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renatop7 responds:

Good suggestions. I once began to make a password system, but later I thought some guy on the review board would share his password and people would just not bother playing, instead just removing and putting clothes like a dress-up game, and I didn't want that. Maybe I will come up with a saving system anyway... I maybe also try to improve the artwork and maybe give more life to the girls... In fact, I could upgrade this game forever, but I have more ideas than time to produce them.

It's pretty good

It's a pretty cool game and it's a little challenging at times but overall I think that it's pretty fun. And I like how if you absolutely for some reason can't beat a mission can quit and do a different mission for the same clothes part. And what's relly fun was one time I needed to get a combo of 3 and so I just let these two hit me and I got a combo of 3 and won and I was like wtf lol. Anyways good job and try to improve upon the art work and maybe make the girls more interactive. Sounds, clicking to make them do stuff or maybe add other things.

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renatop7 responds:

The truth is, after playing XK a million times (first game counting), the game became too easy for me. On the other hand, I knew that some people would find it too hard, so I came up with the idea of the random missions. So, if the "randomness" generated a mission too dificult, you could just give up and try to get an easier mission.

I thought this was good!

It was fun to play. Not perfect, but not as bad as HE put it. Cool! :)

renatop7 responds:

Maybe HE was too hard on me :) Overall, people are enjoying the game, so thanks for your review!


The concept is good enough, but to put it bluntly, this game could really use some work.
For starters, graphics. The girls themselves are just.. Bleagh. Considering what you actually get to see, it is WAY too much work, actually playing the game. So yes, graphics.
Another thing that would do a lot to improve the game visually would be better use of fonts. Trust me, that can make all the difference in the world.
The sound, nothing spectacular, but you wouldn't really expect that in a game like this - sound isn't the object.
Lots of potential, and could really make a great game, but it just isn't there yet.

renatop7 responds:

I appreciate your suggestions. Maybe the font thing and other stuff really could improve the game visually. I just don't agree with your overall rating. If the game, as you say, has a "great concept", "lots of potential", "could really make a great game", surely 3 is a score too low for it.

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3.66 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2006
12:51 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight