Xenomorfos Killer 2

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In this game, you have to shoot the bad guys to strip the good ladies. So, this is a shooter/strip-tease game. The girls are characters from PS2 games, like Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield (Resident Evil), KOS-MOS (Xenosaga), Julia Chang (Tekken), Candy Cane (Rumble Roses) and Helena (Dead or Alive). Some of them are locked at the beggining, but they are unlocked as you progress in the game. If you are willing to do full strips, please be sure to read the instructions.


A unique twist on the strip games

The game was a bit to easy, I can't think of any missions that took me more than one try. The graphics weren't that good, but it was unique, so I liked the concept.

Good game.

Not Bad

Could use a few improvments on graphics, but game play was fun. I think it was a pretty good flash that has alot of potential.

Good game

Those combos ones were a bit too hard for me, but I'm not too good anyway.

renatop7 responds:

Yes, the combo missions surely are the hardest ones. But once you figure them out, they become a lot easier.

that was so sexy

that was a sexy perverted shooter but you can complete the level in an instant by right clicking then pressing play as soon as the shooter starts you need to fix that other than that keep up the good work

renatop7 responds:

Thanks for the bug report!

A Strangely compelling and interesting idea

Though the artwork could have been better, and the general design of
the game was a bit unforgiving at times, this was definitely more original than most games I've played on here. Well done.

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renatop7 responds:

Thanks for your review. It's good to see when people think this was a good idea. I will try to improve the artwork and other stuff.

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3.66 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2006
12:51 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight