Showdown With Goku

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Firstly, I apologise for the file size, I wanted to get it under 5MB but it became apparent quite eaarly on that wasn't going to happen.
Second, the sound and some of the animation is very poor because I had to really rush to finish it, as I was using a 30 trial of Flash 8 which has now expired. (And I started 10 days in!)
Third, to DBZ fanatics, I'm well aware that Goku would actually win, but the fight isn't conclusive anyway.

Just an experiment really, not to be taken to seriously.


No Super Goku? Oh well.

It would have been totally tight if Goku looked down, but then turned into Super Saiyan Goku and beat you. Oh well, I guess the maker of the flash always has to win. ;)

But yeah, since this is the first flash movie I have seen that combines real-life graphics with cartoon graphics (FLASH movie, not VHS/DVD movie), I'm giving it a 10, although it only deserves about a 7 or 8.

I hope to see a cool movie like that in the future, maybe with a little Hyper Sonic? lol, nevermind. :P


Nice acrobatics, the fighting would have looked better if the hits and misses were a lot faster (like in the matrix I guess) But pretty cool.

Holy snap crap!

I've never seen nothing like this before.....it's actually a pretty decent movie! The only thing that was kinda of bad in this movie was that you didn't draw goku right. If he would have been better drawn then this would kicked more ass! The audio was great though! I love that DBZ music! Well if you do make a second episode of this....well you should make him super saiyan! That would be alot cooler! Well whatever! Good shit man!

Keep it \V/ man!


freaking awesome !

that was definitely one of the best dbz spoofs i've ever seen, it looked great too. The energy balls really kicked ass man, nice work !


Being an old school DBZ fan myself, i see this as a crazy idea! great job with the goku figure, and props to you for thinking of such a cool combination! It mustve been odd having to do all that acting without anyone really there! Maybe spruce up the graphics or just make another one! Keep it up!

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Apr 13, 2006
9:44 PM EDT
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