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Edit: Thanks for your reviews! It lived!
---Sad to say.. there will be no Version 2, Computer fried up and I lost everything. I'm sorry to everyone that really enjoyed this.. but If I ever feel up to it.. I'll start a completely new one--

Well, this is my very first flash. I know there are a few things I still wanted to work on like "scene changing" and alot more sprites.... but I wanted to send it a little earlier then planned. It took alot of time out of me, and if the reviews are good enough ill work on a 2nd better version. Thanks for your reviews!
PanelMonkey.org for supplying sprites
ParagonX9 for great music
Id Software for making the Doom series possible



^^Good Points^^
I liked the way that everything in this was completely animated and wasn't just a stand still, it makes creating a scene much more fun. All of the items seemed to work fine and there was a pretty good variety of items.

^^Needs Improving^^
This should be more Doom themed. I have no idea why you used a background from Metal Slug, that just makes no sense, and you should have had some music from Doom, that would make sense...

MustEnjoyPie responds:

ya.. I figured someone would pick those out.. well I didnt use a Doom background for the fact I kept looking and waiting.. and looking.... I talked in forums.. but people kept getting confused with doom desktop backgrounds.. oh and the music..well I got lazy haha.. Thank you for putting time in your review! :)


Its ok...not the best thing ever. But how can a person NOT like doom??? One of the very first FPS was doom!

MustEnjoyPie responds:

haha thanks, ya I know its not great but thank you for your review!


it sucked to be honest,i dont like doom so why would i like that game?

MustEnjoyPie responds:

If you dont like doom.. why did you click on "doom scene maker"?

Good First Flash

it was good.

I Liked the Metal Slug Background as well.

Try Again

Not too interesting really. There's only one background and a limited number of sprites. Not to mention that there are only a few things you can do with a scene creator. A DooM animator would be much better.

MustEnjoyPie responds:

So your judging something I did with something you wanted?

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3.27 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2006
7:31 PM EDT
Gadgets - Construction Set