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Edit: Thanks for your reviews! It lived!
---Sad to say.. there will be no Version 2, Computer fried up and I lost everything. I'm sorry to everyone that really enjoyed this.. but If I ever feel up to it.. I'll start a completely new one--

Well, this is my very first flash. I know there are a few things I still wanted to work on like "scene changing" and alot more sprites.... but I wanted to send it a little earlier then planned. It took alot of time out of me, and if the reviews are good enough ill work on a 2nd better version. Thanks for your reviews!
PanelMonkey.org for supplying sprites
ParagonX9 for great music
Id Software for making the Doom series possible


As a scene creator...

It was ok, you should add more items and a few backgrounds. Also if you can slow the death animations down it would look better.

for the review before mine, just because you haven't played Doom doesn't mean it isn't a major series, many people have heard of it and played it, don't rate someones submission low because you haven't heard of it's subject.

MustEnjoyPie responds:

haha thank you for pointing that out,
thanks for the review!

sorry dude

this game is a failiure the game play just didnt cut it.
try it on a major series that you know everyone loves. I certenly have not played doom so I do not understand it.

MustEnjoyPie responds:

Haha, ehh... im confused you rate my work by something you havent heard of? Oh by the way DooM is a major series.

Teh Awesome!

I love Doom. Seriously one of my favorite games. I had a lot of fun with this. XD Excellent usage of pretty much every character/monster..thing from doom. I liked that you had them facing in either direction. The only thing I could suggest is the ability to change/stop the music and change the background, but other than that, it was freaking cool. Thanks for sharing. :)

MustEnjoyPie responds:

haha thanks! I really hate a scene maker when the good guys only face one way and the bad guys only face one way.. so I had to change that! Thanks for the great review!

great game

geuinus =) simple game but fun.. very fun. yeah.. ive always dreamt of someday makeing scenes OF DOOM o_0!! lol but really, great game ya made here. so keep em comeing =)

MustEnjoyPie responds:

haha! I guess we shared the same dream Thanks for the great review!


I love this game, and I think this was a great scene creator.

MustEnjoyPie responds:

Thanks thats greatly appreciated!

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3.27 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2006
7:31 PM EDT
Gadgets - Construction Set