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Edit: Thanks for your reviews! It lived!
---Sad to say.. there will be no Version 2, Computer fried up and I lost everything. I'm sorry to everyone that really enjoyed this.. but If I ever feel up to it.. I'll start a completely new one--

Well, this is my very first flash. I know there are a few things I still wanted to work on like "scene changing" and alot more sprites.... but I wanted to send it a little earlier then planned. It took alot of time out of me, and if the reviews are good enough ill work on a 2nd better version. Thanks for your reviews!
PanelMonkey.org for supplying sprites
ParagonX9 for great music
Id Software for making the Doom series possible

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thx to you i have a new game and song's to love

This is great but the actual scene should be much larger, at least big enough to put everything in it. Nice job, nonetheless and kudos to you for making this!

i make two marines are fighting

i am make hide and seek (man or monster is seeker or hider)

Carl:who gonna be seeker 1 only
Mike:sup i got the buddies
Carl:WHAT THE HELL that is monsters dude
Mike:oh they good monsters they can talk too
Shotguner Monster: hide and seek? i be a looker but i need to invisible

3 sec ago
Shotguner Monster: ok now i invisible
Carl:good we started now.Oh wait i need to ON the lamp (turn the lamp on)
ok done lets get started.

All monsters or a human says: good hey don't copy me stop stop STOOOOOOP
Carl:err.. hello?
Carl:guess you ready... (i says in my heart: awkward o_o'')
Carl:I start in 10.

All monsters and human are behind the tree.

The big flying monster: are you sure this is work? ._.
Mike:of course we need to shut the voices down dude. -_-
0 ok i am gonna find you all
Carl:hey where you all go?
Mike:ok Shhh.. now we climb the tree to the room num. 76

They climb up and keep the voice down..

Mike: Ok time to...
Mike and all monsters:AHHHH. what the hell? how did you find us
Carl:hehe that outside was just the dummy and a video setup
Mike: oh that..... hehehe now you gonna have a real work to do.

Mike and monsters vs Carl


3.. 2.. 1.. Fight!

and then they make a strong sound

Mike and monsters win!

Carl:aw c'mon!

The end

It's a good game. Need more of the characters, need more scenes and not just the old Metall something game background. But.. It's a very good game

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4.29 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2006
7:31 PM EDT
Gadgets - Construction Set