Bullet Bill

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EDIT: Thanks guys for the front page :D
EDIT2: Yay, daily 3rd!...again ><
EDIT3: yay for most popular submission of the week! Thanks a lot to everone who liked this movie.

I've been reading all the reveiws and people are complaining about the speed of the game. I think it's fine, and the only way I could change it is to make the FPS lower, which will lower the bullets reaction time :D

Also, since this game uses passwords, you would've guessed someone posted all the codes in their reveiw. Well the wait is over! Lord_Of_Ketchup has posted all the passwords in his reveiw, so check them out if you're stuck.

Talking about password they have to be entered in capitals or they won't work.
Also, a lot of good ideas for anouther game. I might use some if I can be bothered to make a BB2.

Hey guys, I've finally learned how to make games. So here is my first game, Bullet Bill. You control a Bullet Bill with the arrow keys through each of the 8 levels, hitting either Mario, Luigi or the flag at the end. It's ment to be challenging so hopefully it is. *YOU NEED FLASH PLAYER 8 FOR THE GAME TO WORK*

I hope you enjoy playing!


good idea

good job guys!
cool game


This is a nice idea.

I like the music and everything. I guess, everything is alrigth, you reached the limit of this game. Nothing to make better in it.

Good Job



That was one of the best games on newgrounds. I love the creative idea of bullet bills, and I love how there are level passwords. I don't think that there are much better games than this on Newgrounds. Man, you rock! Keep it up!


^^Good Points^^
I love the idea. It's not often that a game like this one runs into the portal. This is a very original idea with simple game play, simple controls, and a boatload of fun. The levels were hard and the game was pretty fast paced. The integrated password system will only add to this game's replay value.

^^Needs Improving^^
The only thing I found bad about this game was that the backgrounds were a little bland, even though they aren't significant to the game, they could be spruced up a tad.

not bad not bad

2-4 is really hard though, and the problem is that you have to play the whole level again if you lose. You should make check points or something because I stopped playing there because it got too annoying. Oh, and if you right-click and click play it skips to the next level, so you might want to fix that. Good job though.

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Apr 13, 2006
2:00 PM EDT
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