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The Retard Collab

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Der der der der derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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lol im not saying i wanted it

i didnt want porn, but i saw this picture im like, wtF? so im like wut is htis, it says excessive nudity violence ect. then its all like....wtf lol?


next time can you please make some kid (out of subject) movies but apart from that it was absolutly positivley cool


these collabs are awesome :3

Wtf... LOL!

ok this was the only thing today that really made me LOL and fall off my chaire.
-WTF! theres a porno picturs i was expacting to see HENTAI! :)....
but im not gunna say anything MEAN or BAD cuz i never made a AMV or a NG video or anything todo with posting on a website as in videos. nice jobs.. NO HENTAI MAN U SUCK