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*I had to rename the game to CuberXtreme because some company thinks that people may confuse it with their trademark product. The changes to the Newgrounds file and the new website should be up soon.

Remove all the colored cubes from each stage, set up crazy combo chains, learn the secrets of all the special cubes, and unleash the power of your pet sprite!

Go to www.CuberXtreme.com for additional and more difficult stages after you beat the Newgrounds stages!

CuberXtreme is my first puzzle game and second submission to Newgrounds. It was a lot of fun making it, especially with the new improvements to Flash 8. I hope you'll enjoy playing it!



great game make more. PS. can some one help me with advanced training 3

liked it

rip off or not, i liked it! even if the idea was ripped, gotta give the author credit for coming up with the puzzles

cubis ripoff or clever idea?

suspiciously like cubis I and II from the shockwave puzzle gallery. a little more innovation in terms of different blocks but then again i thought cubis was much more entertaining even up to level 35. oh well if you didnt bite it from shockwave than cudos to you if you did well i dont know i guess i can just ask you to be careful, adobe now owns macromedia and shockwave, last that i heard they have deep pockets for copyright infringement.


i enjoyed it alot, the graphics are wonderfully smoothe, and you actually have to think about the puzzles, im on the bonus stage at the moment and finding it very difficult. amazing work

to hard

this game is way to HARD! i can't get past the training level the 1st one

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3.99 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2006
9:55 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding