Self harm : the emo game

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Calling all myspace'ers who dont self harm, heres a little game to show you how


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it not a fun game the game wanna tell a message

but the message is wrong
it true some poeple selfharm for attetion but every one need attention and love and help
and not all emo self harm
but some poeple can find it funny but i dont so i give you one star

Remember kids, horizontal for attention, vertical for results.

is the people that creeated this game fucking nutso in the fucking head this is wrong and I would not request this stupid fucking game to anyone >:(

This is wrong!!!!

This 'game' is just sick! What the actual f*ck possessed you to create this!? Fair enough if you are trying to get a point across but seriously this is pathetic! I've sat and consoled my friend as she along with a few others in our group (including myself) self-harm. Things like this are serious and putting f*cking games up about it doesn't help the matter! Do the logical thing and take it down, if that's not to much to f*cking ask!! Also this is sterotyping! I'm not emo and I self harm, and few people in my school self harm but aren't emo. Also self harm doesn't always consist of cutting.... Jesus you'd think if some idiot was going to create a game as such they'd get their facts right... This is beyond twisted, there are some people whom deserve better treatment than you and because no one on here actually knows who you are you can go about without being judged for this sh*t. Where as people see our scars and go to certain extent to make our lives a living hell. Either you understand all this or just decided to take the p*ss, you shouldn't of done this! Just saying but Billie Talent, PTV, BMTH, Hollywood Undead (Bullet)... would of been a better choice than panic at the disco. Overall it's barley accurate and offensive... Take it down from one twisted mind to another...

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Apr 12, 2006
9:14 PM EDT
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