Green, Boss, Assasin

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A green clayman meets up with a gang and their boss. When the green clayman is about to be eaten an Assasin comes and things get ugly.

This movie took me about a week to make...as all my claymations do.

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maybe you should use black clay but thats just me. anyway great flash.

can't wait for the oters

very good

if the author can improve his sounds add some humor and get a better camera knox could have some competition

cant wait for the others

DarksbaneTheDog responds:

Haha, yea I have a 300 dollar sony handycam whilst Knox uses this 600 Canon Videocam. BUT Knox is in the process of purchasing a 5000 dollar videocam, so there's no contest there. Lol. Anyways Thanks for the reveiw, man!

i liked it but

first the picture was super fuzzy but it might just have been my computer
and the sound wasnt great

i like it becuse...

the only resonn i liked it is because of the killing spree dude. but it was still good . u should have named it clay killers

The quite posssibly best of all clay animations

It is given that most clay animations suck. They are lame, stupid, unfunny and overall crappy, this one however is not. The fighting scenes are outstanding and the diolouge is ausome. Clearly theese people knew what they were doing.

DarksbaneTheDog responds:

Haha, thanks man! Best of all claymations?! Wow. I'm speechless. This makes working on this claymation worth it.THANKS FOR THE REVIEW!

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3.73 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2006
3:19 PM EDT
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