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*Edit* For everyone who is giving stupid reviews, understand that this is a totally different addition to the BOA series, and BOAIV (oldschool side scrolling shooter) will be out soon!! -------*sorry for long load*Flash 8 required-------
The "interactive comic" is finally complete!!!!! For those who love flash like "broken saints," you will love this new addition to the BOA series!!! This has taken us months to finish, and I am extremely proud of the outcome! It takes place before Brink of Alienation 1, and the next few episodes will explain the events leading up to the first contact with the Kragolyte enemies! be sure to vote and leave some awesome comments!

Btw, check out BOAIV on our website, there are some sweet screenshots, and a playersguide!

btw, Tom...internship?



Very nice...




Its the simple things......that......errr..........that...er


What the f**k was AbsintheClock smoking?

This game is great. The action was nice, the storyline was very nice. I found it extremely entertaining. Please make more and don't listen to assholes like him. His review is the opinion of someone who probably thinks that everyone should be a master of Flash and if your not, then you don't belong on Newgrounds. The problem with that theory is that he forgot about a little something called effort. If you make it, and are serious about it, you deserve a spot in Newgrounds.
You will get better as you develop more games/movies so please don't stop making them. If this one does get blammed (I voted to protect it, hopefully that helps) then don't let it discourage you.

BlasterMaster responds:


It was pretty good.

This flash was pretty good. I don't know whether or not I can call it a game or a movie because it only had one level, and the rest of it was all cut scenes (I think). However, the graphics and style were one of the best I have ever seen.

Your sound was good for the most part, but when I killed the terrorists, the death moans sounded weird. Also, I would have liked to see a lot more interactivity and maybe you could have added a little humor to this, but not so much as to completely ruining the mood.

This was a nice piece of work, and that is why it deserves in-depth reviews. The whole comic feel you gave to it really added to the whole experience. Overall, I saw good work on your part. Just try to improve on the categories I explained, and it will be excellent.

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BlasterMaster responds:

Thanks for the good review! We'll try and make episode 2 better!

A new one! | OWNAG=95%

I'm happy to see an ew BoA episode/reel/segment.

I remember the fame of Brink of Alienation 3.

The effort was priceful, and you don't have to worry about the filesize.
I've just seen it, I haven't done a IN DEPTH bug-look. Such a huge, graphicaly intensive game will probably have some, but, I haven't found any of them.

I just think you should edit (in the future versions, of course) the Preloade. It is a bit...blad. Yes, blad, apart from the main game.

You used alot of imported graphics (I think that was JPG). Maybe you should change it to PNG. It is more modern and because of it - better.
And, maybe it is my fault because I didn't let it load till the end, but the imported pictures had low quality. But, I won't count that because, as I already said, I didn't let it load up the end.

Overally, an awesome game, with an Frontpage.


Well lets break it down.

First of all the graphics. The graphics looked like a last minute prom date. It almost seem like you saved a bunch of photoshop stuff and imported it as a JPG instead of a PNG. As for the intro with the loading was that photoshop or just really bad use of the flash filters under a low quality. The style wasn't really much. An interchangable story. "This guy here fights people in outer space to save some guy. He shoots a bunch of people from behind a box and then kills everyone. When he gets back home he wonders how long does he get to stay home." There is so much crap I could throw in between that. It's so bland and boring. The sounds sounded like cheap Sega Genisis sound effects. There was obviously violence and interactivity but really only one shooting game that lasts about five minutes for all that. As for the charactor designs they were drawn poorly. You could have done much better using a wacom tablet in flash and just FBFing it. Would have saved a lot of space as well. This game overall gets a four. It takes too long to load, the story is boring, the graphics are very sub-par, the sound is annoying, and the only thing you get is a bad comic and a shooting game. Better luck next time.

BlasterMaster responds:

trying to keep filesize under 20MB buddy

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3.72 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2006
12:22 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed