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*Edit* For everyone who is giving stupid reviews, understand that this is a totally different addition to the BOA series, and BOAIV (oldschool side scrolling shooter) will be out soon!! -------*sorry for long load*Flash 8 required-------
The "interactive comic" is finally complete!!!!! For those who love flash like "broken saints," you will love this new addition to the BOA series!!! This has taken us months to finish, and I am extremely proud of the outcome! It takes place before Brink of Alienation 1, and the next few episodes will explain the events leading up to the first contact with the Kragolyte enemies! be sure to vote and leave some awesome comments!

Btw, check out BOAIV on our website, there are some sweet screenshots, and a playersguide!

btw, Tom...internship?



Well, I'm not a fan of graphic novels, especially as poorly animated as this. I mean, the graphics are always horrible, the effects cheezy, and they usually contain no flow whatsoever. so, you made it into a cheezy shooter. good job. Thanks for wasting my time.

nice comic book style

I really enjoyed the comic book style, and the graphics. It could have been a little longer but the nice graphics and interesting story kept me entertained. The shooting part could use some work, and it would have been cool for the cutscenes where he throws the knife and kills those three guys, to put in a kind of RE4/God of War kind thing where you have to push the different buttons at the right time. and the gunfight needed a little bit of work, all the enemies died in one hit, it would have been a lot cooler if you saw their limbs get shot off, or wounds to occur when I shot in different places. But it was still very entertaining and beautiful.


yay, violence :D
gave sound a 0 cos i was listenin 2 music while playin and didnt hear shit, but still 5/5

Keeps crashing my browser(s)

This is getting a fairly low score from me, because it seems that no matter what browser I use, it crashes. I get as far as 'those assholes preempted us', and then (in safari) it freezes up, and crashes my browser. Using Camino, (offshoot of the mozilla project), the video freezes at the same point, but the sound keeps going, and I hear what sounds like some fighting, and THEN the browser crashes. This is on a mac, if the two mac-only browsers didn't give that away. With the problem existing more or less consistently between browsers, I suspect it has something to do with the flash plug-in itself.
Graphics get an 8 because they absolutely rocked, but being jpegs or whatever they are, they were kinda grainy.
Style, a 10, because it just rocks.
Sound, a 7, because it all meshed together well, and sounded good.
Violence a 0, because from what I heard in Camino, it stops just before I actually get to the violence.
Interactivity, the same, because I can't make it to the interactive part.
Humor, a 0 because it isn't a humorous submission.
So yes, if it actually worked, I think I'd really like it. But it doesn't, so yeah.


i rated this game considering it to be a movie. as a game, i'd've given it a 4 (refer to "interactivity"), overall?...i'm not sure. it had some sick ass style. it needed more small touches like just being able to open the window. it's got some badass art and you need to exploit that shit. the gameplay part wasn't too bad, but i really wanted to be able to fuck up those 3 thugs. geez


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3.72 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2006
12:22 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed