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*Edit* For everyone who is giving stupid reviews, understand that this is a totally different addition to the BOA series, and BOAIV (oldschool side scrolling shooter) will be out soon!! -------*sorry for long load*Flash 8 required-------
The "interactive comic" is finally complete!!!!! For those who love flash like "broken saints," you will love this new addition to the BOA series!!! This has taken us months to finish, and I am extremely proud of the outcome! It takes place before Brink of Alienation 1, and the next few episodes will explain the events leading up to the first contact with the Kragolyte enemies! be sure to vote and leave some awesome comments!

Btw, check out BOAIV on our website, there are some sweet screenshots, and a playersguide!

btw, Tom...internship?



most of it is just a slow paced movie, there is only one fight, and when someone has their throat slit, bllod dosent come out of the mouf unless internal organs were peirced. Its reealy not worth the wait. this shit should be blamed,


did i miss something or was the whole "game" portion three repeating bad guys? and man, this was NOTHING like broken saints. they had style, class. yours had a couple text boxes, a half anked chick, off the wall violence that made no sense (he stabs a guy and suddenly it looks like the body was torn apart by wolves). come on, did you even watch the BS series?

wow i like this style way beter than the 2d mode

but make it longer next time


To be honest, I was expecting a little bit more. The action scene was cool, definitely, but I had hoped it would recurr a fair bit more than that. The, ah, interactive comic is sort of the perfect blend between movie and game. Fair graphics, Willow sound (very apt) and an overall tidy work. Looks like an interesting series, yonder the horizon.


Really good looking..

The cut scenes were freaking awesome, but the game definately could have done better with some more shooting...

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3.72 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2006
12:22 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed