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rated 3.14 / 5 stars
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Apr 11, 2006 | 10:32 PM EDT

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Synix is a snake-like game with a twist. Use the left and right arrow keys to control the space ship, collect crates and avoid your trail. Features a global high scores board.



Rated 3 / 5 stars


I, too noticed the gaps, and frowned on it; definately need to fix that. These games have been overdone, and I do believe you know that, but yours at least as complete 360degree turning ability, which added (just a little bit) of depth into this.

I didn't like how long the exhaust took to disappear, and this point probably angered me the most because I didn't really see a point to having it linger there for such a long time. I don't know if this is what you were going for or not, but (in my eyes) it was a little more than what was needed.

I was frustrated when I got into (about) my second minute. I had just been so frustrated at the tail (which was too long to begin with at all) and at the places the boxes has decided to pop up (next to the tail much, plz?) .

Regardless, good job.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


it wasnt bad... but it wasnt great either


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I noticed as your engine trail gets bigger the frame rate drops... if you have the latest flash you might be able to cache it all as 1 bitmap to aviod this slow down.

The game otherwise i found quite hard since the exhaust trail was so dam long.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Enjoyable but could do with some improving.

Firstly, I noticed how the exhaust left behind often get's little gaps in it when you turn, doesn't look too attractive. The graphics are kinda simple, I did however like the explosion when the ship crashed, but overall it could've used some more detail. Music went nicely with this flash and I liked the sound when you picked up the crates and when the ship crashed. When a crate is close to the edge it becomes hard to avoid crashing into the side because the movement is too slow for the size of the craft. Maybe you could've added power-ups to the game such as a smaller/larger craft and maybe make it more of a challenge by having to avoid tiny meteors, etc. It's not a bad game but you can do better.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Wow...This like the snake tail thing!right..Nice game by the way but the exhaust is too long cant you make it shorter at first...but then again thats makes it just like snake right,any way good job!,keep the good work