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Well, this is just a preview, a section to the whole movie. There's three events that happen at random. When I finish with this there will be 20 events. Enjoy!

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Funny, a lorra lorra potential here (humourwise)

Pretty solid graphics. Liked the sounds. That poor old city being raped by UFOs and bombed every day. LOL there were cows in the city. And the ship running over the fun fair.

If you build on this thing, add some witty events, improve on the graphics a little, it could go far, you could go far on NG. Maybe add a story also, but don't make it serious in any way, or it will be crap.

And to those people who still heard the flash after they closed it - maybe it was so mezmerising that it just carried on sounding in your head, I mean come on, it is fairly good.


yes, yes, yes something new.

nice job, and i hope you do add those buttons for different events.

Avast! Full version ahoy!

I can't say I really enjoyed the flash, but it's a really interesting idea, so I'm curious to see what the completed version is like. Not really something you'd sit down and watch with popcorn and a drink, it's more of a novelty, and although I didn't really like the events that took place in the demo hopefully the novelty value of the other 17 will be better in the full version.

I wonder if it will be random in the full version, or if you'll have a choice, cause I could see myself switching off before seeing all 20 when one particularly sequence repeats 10 times.

scarce responds:

Hey man, thanks for the review. Yeah I'm trying to go for something new with this. I could add a button that allows you to choose an event. But I'd have to figure out where the button would go for the interface.

Once I have 20 though, the probibility of them repeating is even less. With it randomly choosing with only 3 options, they'll repeat alot more.


It was pretty good. Maybe add a sound on/off button or a sound level thing if you can... not many flash movies actually add them now-a-days.
Overall i liked it. I cant wait till more things happen to the city.

Good luck.

scarce responds:

Hey thanks :). I might add a volume slider. But I might also change what sounds play when the red lights blink (they randomly chose a sound between 9 sounds each time it blinks). Glad you liked it, Imma keep at it.

good but......

affter i close it i stell hear it

scarce responds:

hmmm, well, I'm not sure why it did that, but as far as I know your computer's the only one that did that. If more people end up having the problem I'll see if I can fix it. Thanks for the input.

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Apr 11, 2006
10:14 PM EDT
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