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Super Mario Problem II

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As I said on the commentary of "Super Mario Problem I," I DO NOT do flash anymore! And I never EVER planned to make another SMP after this one! So if you want to comment, DO NOT say any stuff like "make another where..." and so on. It gets really annoying seeing that stuff and it's not cool. Making a flash takes time, and I basically made these to not get told from the wannabe flash makers in the Portal "where's YOUR flash?" I do filming with video cameras and I'm through with flash. I'm temporarily quitting from flash. I feel that it's not the stuff that I want to do. So I'm off to filming. If I get better, I might make another flash. But that's a possibility. Which means, most likely not gonna happen, and please quit reviewing with that same stuff. It's really annoying.

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YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS HArry POTTER music it's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! THats why I gave u a 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In-Style-Always responds:

...i see


I'm sorry but I can't take the crying mario did after Luigi died.

Make a Super Mario Problem III Film. Where Prof. E. Gadd Revives Luigi with one of his inventions and destroys Bowser and his brick castle. Then I'll vote high. AND NO HARRY POTTER MUSIC!

In-Style-Always responds:

dude, i like Luigi also. but don't you know how many people would've complained if i made it Mario? and plus, i can put whatever music i want. Randy Solem put "Lord of the Rings" music on Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom, so why can't i put Harry Potter music? that's unfair. plus, i dont even do flashes anymore. ive BEEN done with flashes for months. im off to filming. filming with video and audio. im way better at that so i thought i should do that instead, turns out, its much funner. and there was never planning to be a SMPIII, you don't understand how hard it is to make a flash animation. u have to do frame by frame. and plus, i was pretty rushed on this one, and also, i only did this so i can get SOMETHING on newgrounds. whenever i critisize a flash in the portal, usually they would make their combak with "Flash by In_Style_Always: none" so i now got 2 things on here so they wouldn't do ANY of that stuff. get it now? if you dont, there's something wrong with you.

P.S. they're called "Flash Animations", not "Films". Films is what i do now.

it was kinda good

it wasnt the best mario flash movie i have sen but it was worth watching. i liked that you put harry potter music in it.

In-Style-Always responds:

i knew it would get to someone.

Why do I find this sooo funny?...

The way mario was crying when luigi died was making me die laughing!!
Good job tho.

In-Style-Always responds:

o well thx. i saw ur other response, well i'm not doin' flash for a long time. i just go on newgrounds every now and then. i film now. i might make a flash in the future, but for now, you're only gonna see me reviewing.

A bit better

yup, it got better since the last episode, but it's still so monotonous... I mean, Mario just finds his brother's dead and kills Bowser in less than one minute.
I believe Bowser would be much tougher. YOu could have made more action, and a bit more humor. Just work with some creativity and create another flash, maybe a sequel!

In-Style-Always responds:

well just so you know, i dont do flash anymore, im kinda retired i just wanted to get SOMETHING on newgrounds. i do filming now. im way better on THAT than this. i might make another flash in the future, but for now, adios!

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2.65 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2006
2:13 PM EDT