SRM and Wuggeh!

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I return once more! I worked at this one all week, and I think it's at least my best looking flash. It features Socially Retarded man and his cat Wuggie. This is my first non-Jebby animation, but I don't think it ended up any more awkward than it needed to be.

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It's funny the way he says WUGGEEEHHH!!!!!!!

Battosai810 responds:

Every animal should be addressed as such.


I think that this is a different flavour to your other pieces that I've seen, but you've got a witty way of making this all come together. When the door got kicked in, perhaps a little more details with splintering wood, perhaps the hinges would still have been attached to the door, or part of the door left behind to demonstrate the destructive quality of the kick that SRM had when he enters the fray.

You've made a decent piece and Socially Retarded Man clearly is nuts... I think I know a few people like him near where I work, which is kind of worrying. The cat seems very nonplussed by it all and understandably so. Why would you feed a cat a biscuit? SRM would, as he doesn't know exactly what a cat would eat, I guess.

The next thing is where do you go with a guy like this? Do you have him go shopping and then try to walk away only paying the pence amount for his bill, as he missed out the three hundred pounds that it came to. That's the real beauty of the piece - you can get away with more, as he has no real inhibitions, that would stop him.

Looking at the kitchen being dirty, did you just make it dirty as he said it was, or was it an afterthought? Perhaps throw a can of something at the wall, to make it more of a mess.

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Battosai810 responds:

SRM was originally intended to just walk into situations and make them really awkward for people, but I ended up making him more of a crazy character who just does unusual things for laughs. You'll see this more with cartoons of this era. These days he's a bit more of a balanced character, but he's still eccentric to say the least. I'd compare him to Strong Bad in still being a functioning member of whatever society he is, but having crazy schemes.

The kitchen was actually supposed to be immaculately clean - you may not be able to hear too well, but I make a sparkle sound effect and have little white sparkles pop up. Crudely conveyed, but it's there. It's just another bit to showcase who out of touch this guy is.

Glad you liked the toon!

Strangely enjoyable for what it was.

Considering the fact that the jokes didn't appeal to my sense of humour I found this flash strangely enjoyable. There were a lot of poor things about this flash, but somehow what you had managed to work. My main complaint about the movie would be that it was too short and nothing much really took place in it. A few cracks were made and then it was all over before I felt it really got started. I would have liked to have seen an actual plot, but I'm guessing this is something I'll be seeing in some of your other SRM flashes.

Back to the bad elements of this movie. I didn't like how there were a number of different graphical styles for different objects. Thick lines for SRM, thin lines for objects and squiggly paintbrush for the cat. It made everything look out of place, although you may have been aiming for this. The audio levels for the voice and sound effects seemed to be a little too high and the dialogue was somewhat distorted. This was possibly due to the mouth being too close to the microphone.

Battosai810 responds:

One thing you might notice - SRM's jaw actually flushes with his body, instead of partially overlapping it like in the newer cartoons. As a result, there's a hastily scribbled layer over it all where I fill in the gap every frame. It's a gradient too and doesn't line up with anything.

This was still before I had a really solid art style, so your remarks about the disparaging visuals is right on the dot. This was still during the early period when my microphone was absolute garbage, and I didn't know how to turn up audio quality in Flash.

I like that you're going through all my cartoons in roughly chronological order. It's fun for me to read your reviews on them!


SRM is the best series there is! Hilarious

Battosai810 responds:

Thanks, means a lot!


Is this really your first flash its hilarious

Battosai810 responds:

No. A quick looking over would show that Jeb City is the oldest flash of mine here on NG. This IS my first SRM flash, however.
My first flash ever is the long blammed "Mini Castro and His Llama" which can be found on my DeviantArt.

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Apr 11, 2006
12:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Original