Curse Those Cursors!

April 11, 2006 –
October 27, 2009
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

I will now try and answer every review (until i get bored of doing so)
Actionscript by Kabomb.
Thanks to everyone who watched and reviewed!. This has become a greater success than i could of ever imagined. It has over 60 different cursors. This took a while and i want it to be appreciated.Please leave reviews and please vote. I'm 13 from Australia. And ive been doing flash for a year. Now enogh about me more about this:
Controls(if your to lazy to read them in the game)
Press the left mouse button to skip through cursors and
press the "B" in the top right side of the screen to change backgounds.


all these look the same except different shapes!

amazing game and number 16 looks like hyperspace lol


awesome and you've go many nice cursor idea, btw you should put a warning for those that have epilepsy

Some were amazing, some were good and loads were bassically the same as most of the others

I've seen better, but this is pretty damned good.

I don't recommend this game to people who have epilepsy.

Now THAT'S a lot of cursors...

it was rlly good i liked it i made a story out of it

this is awsome im showing it to every one i kno i hope your proud of this.ps its very awsome

all the ones that you didnt steal were good as well

i zoned out. awesome gadget

I love games like these. They must be really hard to make. But really, nice job. I can tell you but a lot of hard work into this game. Great job!


quite alot of them too.

ADHD+ cursor game= ?!?

hehe fun ^_^

i love 26 and others

light speed lol

My fav. was 41 and 57

if you found the easter egg i di PM me.

It's was pretty amazing. I can tell that a lot of creativity that went into it.
Although a few of the cursors were simple.
Other than that it was GREAT.
Great Job^^

You had so many amazing ideas for this! im surprised microsoft isnt buyin some of these off you to try and make their new systems more flashy :P

not that good, but its fun for like a few minutes

It gets boring. Don´t know why.

i <3 57 and 65.

liked it number 11 is my favorite

this thing is trippy. I love it

I liked the one with explosions and 45

53 and 63 are awesome!!!!!!

Dude this is the meanest game almost ive ever played WUH! dude i gotta thank you 4 this game please make moreee

love it. could you imagine watching it on acid, shrooms, or good weed? crazy! Oh and don't hate me I know ur all thinkin it too!!!

my fav is# 18

My favorite is #33.

i liked number 15 because it leaves wafles every were

This is awsome. Absolutley awsome. The one thing you could add is a feature that lets you hide the actual cursor maybe? But still.....Awsome...

The explosions were awesome!!! (#65) Rating 5!

Not bad, well done =)

I would be trippin' major balls on this. I'll make sure to show this to my stoner friends this game. I'll get a good laugh out of them freaking out :D

Can I get any of these cursors for things like myspace?!

it is a fun thing to do when your bored

I loved all the colors and different designs. The one thing that I felt could have improved is that the whole thing was just soo long! By the end, it was very tedious. Great game though! :)

Great game, very cool cursors. Very flashy and colorful.... *Seizure*

I leik the cursors,especially the exploding one(65th)
I call the exploding one: Detonator.

A lot of creative and trippy cursors. Pretty entertaining. This is the stuff that should be on the front page.

they are all really cool, especially that last one.

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o

love it epic and epic <made: in april 6

I also only liked about 1/4 but thats more than most cursor games so it was AWESOME gj, explosions were kewl :D

so awsome man ... good job :) i really like it

i would like to know how to get the cursors will the author plz pm me telling me how???


There was almost 65 cursors (Yay!) but most of them are similar or the same. I did like a few cursors, but that was possibly 1/4 of the cursors. It's good, but not good enough.

I never thought the cursor can entertain me sooo much lol. I was playing this game for almost 2 hours and I didn't realize you can change the background lol.

wow first i was thinking who cares about cursors they just clicky things
when i played this NOW I KNOW CURSORS ARE COOL

So it was very good. Especially the beer one had me giggling. However, some of the cursors were repetitive. I honestly think there were way too many that repeated that you needed over 60 different designs. Still there is no use denying I was entertained. Nice job.

How can crusors be so etertaining?

this game was mental (and made me dizy)

You had... 70 cursors? I reccomend this to any Gadget fanatic.

very colorfull

all those colors!!!XD omigosh someone can get a seizure. but anyway, interesting to at!!!XD

watchin'dat shz made me feel high

...I am feeling a liiiiiittle bit dizzy....(smashes down and brokes the chair down)

its really orginal plus all of the cursors are realy cool. in my opinion the best cursos
for making an infininty sign are 30 and 50.

Well this submission was not what you would call something you need, but it was a neat submission nonetheless. The graphics were very solidly made and for the most part, everything was done very nicely. The music was a great addition and everything flowed very nicely in this submission. Nice work.

21 was my favourite cursor :)

Wow this is by far the best and most original cursor game ever.


Good made i like it :)

was that one satans star?

Wow 65 cursors my favourites were 64 and 65

Lol this is really cool!!!

my fav is 57

OMIGOSH!! That was awesome!! The whole time I was going thru the cursors I was like wiggling around my seat to the beat and just like ,,,, it was awesome! I was like wondering what the next one would be~!

That was amazing AWESOME!!!! 10 for everything!!

explosion one best


Wow that was amazing i wish i had some of those that realy worked on my computer!

Really cool. The spider-web one and the laser light ones were awesome.

Very fun u got to try I like the spiral cursor

The flash icon , water drops and blood are great.

lots of 'em and there really good well done Nick!

I really enjoyed the many cursers :)

doesnt cont as a game

i like this game, bcause it is fun in the sense that it is colorful,
and also bcause almost everyone of the cursors r completely different!
the only thing i would ask of u in 1 of ur next pieces is 2 not put it in max dimensions, bcause u cant always read or c everything.
other than that i loved it.
awsome game, all im gonna say.

I lovee this!!!!!!!!! i havee a headache but hey, this is GREAT!!

now that was cool!

owww my eyes feel really sore, you should put a warning for seizures and hypnotism

I had to stop playing because parts of the game made my eyes hurt. This could induce seizures in some. You might want to tone down the extreme rapidly flashing parts. Other than that, good game. A nice way to waste time.

long game but awsome

That must of taken awile!

Went through all and it is a real time waster. Liked the music and the effects.

This is one of the coolest things I have seen done with flash!

freakin tripy

and its a bit old... nothing much to do really.

alot of cursors really fun

My favorites were the raindrops and the explosions at the end :)
Great job


i think it needs a little bit more variety
but it's still awesome

this was a pretty fun game dude. i cant say which one is my fav because there all so cool!

i liked it
especially no. 9 12 36 38 41 50 52 58, aah what the heck i liked them all!!!


Beer bottles was the coolest. Needs more cursors!!!!!

Duuuuuude. It's like an acid trip....Only legal....O_o

zing dude my favorites are 20 55 63 65 dude keep up the good work

65 is the best mainly with a black background

Very creative, I can't think how long it took! Good job!

this is one of the tripiest games ever

so many things thats really cool

So much fun...How did you do this!?

It was cool, one of the bests cursor games I played.

i do like it but it needs more 3d effets

cool images

we all know #'s 33,42, and 56 were the best though.

dude that was sweet best cursor game ive played i dont know what gozar is thinking

could you plz make downloadable cursors? at least 46 and 65?Plz?

although the fact that you are 13 and you made this is impressive, there really isn't much different about this than any other cursor "game" a lot of these cursors are repeats of the others with a different picture.

my cursor got blown up.... nice game!

ive seen better cursor games

if only all these cursors were real

not bad but u need 2 considder ease and effect...

your game rocks you shold make anther one with some blood i like the blood

lol i dont know why I play these games, they are like pointless, but I love em

40 and 41 were crazy
i got dizy 0n number 44 LOL


I have to applaud you for the great programming for each cursor and the amazing amount of 65 of them. Must have taken you a lot of time for those!
Some things I would have liked were the feature to toggle through cursors, like being able to go back to a previous cursor. I would have liked more difference in it as well; most of them were just shapes flying around and I spotted that some were the same except for the color. Add more unique ones.
Seeing as you were 13 when you made this flash, this is an excellent job and you show a lot of promise to be a great flash programmer!

cool cursors. But a few are sorta the same. Still good though. My fav is 40.

best cursor game ever!!!!!!!!!!

i wanted to fact-check the math problems but when i tried to right click it so i can uncheck play it says: tisk,tisk,tisk are u tring to cheat
wanna be frieands
and when i clicked wanna be friends it opened a new tab and my acount poped up
how did u do that



Very fun flash game... Well it kept me entertained with all those colours! Probably not a game to play when tripping, things could get a bit messy ;) !

wen you right click the options are
Tisk Tisk Tisk Are You Trying To Cheat?
Wanna Be Friends?

cursors were cool and just for that you get a ten/ten

Cursors 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 16, 18, 20, 24, 33, 35, 41, 53, and 65 are my favorites.

Still needs improvement... GOOD ! And nice job ! Keep up the rocking work ;)

These cursors are pretty great! However, it got a bit repititive after a while, as if you kept re-using old ideas. Other than that, it was great! Make another sometime!

I love this shit. its an awsome idea. its kinda aggrivating on a laptop but shit if i was ever trippin, this would be the game i play

it is awsooome


this rocks

the music is far to repetetive try diffrent songs

it's a very beautiful game =) I really enjoyed it!

it was so fun

explodey one was sweet

u obviously got the last 1 from an old video game and the 3d effects were awesome 10/10 5/5

The cursers in there are cool but imagine some of them while playing a shooting game O_o 6/10

That was fantastic. Those cursors were so much fun I almost couldnt stop! Also the right click comands were cute.

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa fun fun fun ssssssssssiiiiiii arigato n al the things

I laugh, I cryed, it turn me on

It was a good game and is pack full of colers very nice.

i was working on the brotherly bondage with my bro and he loved these he has like 40 fav's and its awsome that u make somthing like this. it's what i needed to cheer up my brother thanks i voted 5!

ive never seen such cursors

NUMBA 15 THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where can i dowload number 65??

I've seen better, waaaaaay better, but I like this

i've seen better cursor games--------------------------------
----------------btw 28 is shit person underneath me!!!get a life................(*SIGH* TWAT!)

i like 28 it rox! -------------------------------------

the number 65 i very coooooool

This is just one of those games where you get mesmerized. I love cursor 18 ^^ my kinda cursor.

I just played this for like a half an hour. Very good! :] 10/10

So little time!

Great game, entertained me for a LONG time.

i love this game great cursors! Its great how u just get to muck about.

they are awsome love the bue fish!

my favourite cursor is 57 , i spend like 10 minutes with that cursor

my favourite cursor is the explosions following the cursor



...although it would be really annoying to have these cursors for general browsing.

# 44 is very hypnotic. *stares at cursor for hours* *mummbles* Sleeeepy. Yessss. Must vote 10. Must obey.

These are so cool! KEEP IT UP.

Very nice, now if you could figure-out a way that you could make your desktop act like that...

Now if only u could get it 4 teh cursor

dude i swear you can make a shit load of money from selling these cause i would buy all of them. good job and keep it up!

because i fuckin love it

holy crap i want all those cursors on my comp that look so awesome whoever made this should really sell these

41, 46 and 47 were my favs. make more like this. it was great.


i liked by the way how do u make a flash?

Yeh, they're really cool. 45 looks really annoying though :P
But yeh, they're cool, nice one!

woot woot dats was so cool huzzah!!!

2 words: simple asome: (not good speller sorry)

My favorite gadget game, i love the water droplets and explosion cursors at the end. I think thing like this should be incorporated into defense games

omg this is awesome! Is there any way to get them onto my computer and set them to my actual cursor?

lol real cool i have played better games but not many

It's a nice little thing, but where was cursor 49? It went straight from 48 to 50...

i want all them for my P.C

You are very creative. I would've tooken me hours to think up some cursors like that. Very good game make a sequel!!

well i gotta admit that tis is a pretty sweet game...

I was doubtful that I was going to give this a ten, but cursor 33 really did it for me. Great designs, I love them. I wouldn't mind a couple of them on my own computer. Curse fate for not letting me be able to download such cursors! Ah well, such is life. Wonderful little gadget though, I'm impressed. Shows us Aussies have what it takes, lol. Heh. So there you go, a 10 and a 5 from me, for your good effort. :D Me likey the colours.


Some of those I just shook like mad and stared at forever. I'm totally fave-ing this so I can just come and stare randomly at my screen <<

Some were repetitive but some were so good I just have to give you the 10.

I love number 30, 40 and 57!
are they downloadable?

overall it was pretty good, although some i've probably seen before. Some advice: more original cursors, more backrounds, and a greater variety of music. keep up the good work!

10,26,40,45,65,50,57,53 these are alsome

that waas amazingly funky!!

these cursors are mostly un-original.I really liked the fact that you can change the backround.note:the first pattern says:created by shirt turdle.

my favorite was 33

I have seen most of the cursors aren't really original, but some of them where great!

Some of these were awesome, but a lot of them weren't that interesting

This is somehow adicting and amusing... other than that, it was awesome! I like the explosions! I played this on Funnyjunk.

Way awesome Dude!!!!!

This rockx. how do you do it??? Make more of this!!!


Dude this kicks way more ass then cursors of the future!

wow lol that was ownage!

You should make embed codes or html codes so ppl could put these awsome cursors to there site. Can some1 do that 4 me.
nice agme tho

it was sooooooooo awsome i even wish i was high when i played that lol

And the last one is is ..... oh menu!

i all most past out with all the cursors.

ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo many cursors

There was so many awsome ones but these were my fav's...26 was all watery 33 and 59 reminded me of anime bloop 44 could make someones eyes roll backwards 65 was all FIRE BOOM!!! and 57 was just plain trippy...lol it was awsome,great,wonderful all the good waords out there...make more u seem to have a lot of ideas!!!!!! ^______^

That could probably make sumone hav a fit xD

I liked 65. You could probably keep making those up forever.

Nice, cool stuff (Y)
SpotOn Aleks.

i liked the water one best i think it was 16 or 18 it was awesome and jarachia why dont you make the hero cursor game/thing you thought it up . if anyone thought it was crap then ahem *clears throught * FUCK YOU!!

Lol Preview

its alright but could be better

Pretty cool. Maybe someone should make a game where your cursor is the hero and when you get to the end of the level it offers you a downloadable cursor or something...
Anyway, pretty cool!

There were some nice effects there. But some are quite awfull.

Kept me entertained for a while o.0


Most of the cursors where really good
i enjoyed the explosion one most
anyway of downloading them?

it was great i saw a few before but i realy like the last one with the fire

this is a cool cursor game but it needs better cursors that dont spread around

i seen alot of these on other curser games

wow that was really cool i liked all of those cursors it was a little bit funny too with the spiders

good work my good man

nice work but i would like to suggest that there are names for the cursors

if i could go higher on the scale it would be 400 its fun it made my amusment go up quik so i give it the best number i can.i still think i should go higher.T_T

number 65 was definitely the best one. i love the effects. they are very mesmirizing

e eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh it ok


7,10,12,21,28,30,37,39,41,43,46,51,52 ,53,57,67,65. i love this game u should make more

curser # 33 is sick man...awesome job with the game!

Is lon gootttttooooooooooo


LoL the beer bottles smashed haha funny one. I thought that the dots (green and red) which fell were cool :D

cool but one question whats with the beer bottles

That last one was awesome

great the first 1 said shirt and turtle wtf. nice

Cruser 65 is defenately the best

Sweet cursors dude! I love them all! Wish I could have a couple on my desktop....

this is one of the best cursurs ive seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You did a really awsome work!
Love the cursors!
wish I could have that kind of cursor in my desktop....

This was just an amazing flash. The cursors were obviously well done and I enjoyed going through the whole list of them. The artist did a great job and I give him two thumbs up on this.

This is a good game, 65 are too much cursors. The cursor 65 is the best!

w00t @ 65!!!

wow this was excelent where did u get the music from ?? AND GOOD CURSORS

i especially like #15 i looooooove waffles!

this has to be one of my favorites.

...and entertaining! this wins the prize of completely drying my eyes out x.x

haha i used cursur 65 on the newgrounds backround to make it look like the tank was blowing up!

Its sooo cool !

That was awesome!!!!!!!!!

The only thing is it gets boring after a while, and you could never really use these for a flash game, as they would get in the way.

I like these cursor gadgets. 24+64 were cool.

I cant believe you can do this in flash!
Keep up the good work.

can u make them downladable plz!!!
there really cool

...even though a few are seen in other cursor flashes as well... but quite unique ideas in comparison to most other's I've seen... and the last one (from Metal Slug or something like that) was just wonderful...

where can i download number 65!!1

This is a very fun and entertaining tool. We want more!

Great job! They're all superb! Especially the red and white box one. It made my brain hurt XD

i love those cursors because of all the vivid colours and the wide variety of shapes i just hope that one day they will become real cursors

it was kinda good/but i dont like the ones that look like they have blood!

i feel sick now

nice but i dont like no 26 it made me need a wee!

I think im gonna have a seizure :o

pretty cool ^^

Dude i loved the animation!And it was really fun!

It was a waste of time but it was kickass.

I liked cursor 20. Cool effects.

Im not original when I say its awesome?
OK, I like this stuff! Almost all the cursors are perfect!

It isn't useful, but cursors are so cool! the coolest one is cursor 57.

Dam man very well done.graphics tops.!!. wow some of those cursors rock!

nice game i"d be real happpy if this was a defense game

if only you could get those for cursors. i like the spider one

wen your playin wit da cursors you can make a beat wit dem it pretty cool nice job

my faviourts were 41 and 24, well done with the grafics and that
ps: good desines

i was just amazed by some of them. i think i spent a good half hour on the game nice job.

Nice job on the graphics and everything!

this is really awesome keep up the great work pal!

Nice cursors ^_^

It just lacks some cursor title and some description.

In general, great cursors! ^_^

this is the best cursor game ive ever played. nice work

I was sitting at my computer staring at the crusors for like, an hour.



kinda annoyed..but okay

33 is me fav cursor. make more cursors

Awesome mouse effects, too bad I can't download them for real :(

i give ya 10/10 but try to make them downloadable =)

Some very good cursors! But, the song got PRETTY annoying. There should be a mute button. I liked the cursors, I just didn't like the music so much. Good job! I appreciate your work!

This is one of the best games ever created! I could go on this for hours it is so
good! Why don't youtry and make/get number 2? Keepup the good work!

Kabomb could make some serious money by selling screen savers to Apple or Microsoft.

my favorite cursors where 41&30

I really liked the bubbles and the stick rainbow thing. Awesome. I thought it was going to be dumb, but I ended up playing with it for like a half hour.

yea is there any way to make 65 the one with the exploding stuff? from metal slug download able?

Cursors for all . Must've taken ages to make though!

Were you tripping when you made this?

WOOW! Yo've made a wonderful flash! 10/10 for sure!

Love this game. I could act stupid and play it all day. :D

my friend is Jewish so she liked number 4, my fave was 20

how did you make this? i want these cursors tooo ! xD i like all the white and neon green ones but the last one was the best! ive seen alot of these cursor games but this one was probobly the best ... lol ShirtTurtle wtf

all it is is that you move weird cursers

tripped out dude.i am gonna have some funky dreams from watching this.

Yeah very trippy.. but kick ass..
man you got to make one with some could
of Metal Music that would Rock...
Keep it up


loved it plese make a sequel

Nice job, just try to make eavh one a bit more unique.

nice cursors although some made me dizzy : P

Pretty cool cursors, but the music and the cursors got a bit repetitive. But, then again, cursors are always repetitive. Great job!

THAT WAS AMAZING!!! IF ONLY I COULD GET THEM AS MY CURSOR!!!! AWESOME!!! 5/5! 10/10! 110/100!!! (i almost had a seizure tho :P)

is there anyway to use these as our own mouse cursor? I'm not very familiar with Actionscript, not sure what its capable of. But ya, if you can PM me about it, id be grateful.

i love 61 ita got fishies lol some of them are quite simluar to anotha one but still gud job


Its long but cool!

i replayed this thing about1000 times!

WOW this is really kool n space age like, the music suited it perfectly and it was easy to navigate through all the different cursors. Ive seen ppl make these types of things but all it is is random shit flying everywhere but this had some pretty kikass design in it. my favs were 57 and 67. the beer 1 was good too lol.

Best game ever! Youre my fav artist!

I probably spent 20 minutes playing with this thing. It was way more fun than I expected.

but this should be T cuz 33 and 59 are bloody cursurs

this is the best 2000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000 times

I love Number 13. It's so trippy. Great job

but only if u can keep 1 of those cursors *sniff but any way amazing game


Exept you repeated the red and white lolly thing one

The quallity of the cursors really increased over time.This would be a ten if the cursors were slightly less repeptitive. IE, many are extremely similiar. Still- I love these things.

So..... Addicting..... O_O
I loved it. It's a fantastic cursor game, with many more then normal. Very addicting, and the music is cool to.

my five on this thing maaan
music kinda repetitive though

this is awesome it sweet

#'s: 24,53,57

27, 33, 57

the audio was better than the cursors

i kinda feel like i wasted 5 mins going thru these but it took some skill to do this thx

But it REALLY did. Is that what LSD feels like?

i love it

I liked the blood spattering and the explosions the best.

Wish i had them for my pc!

got any downloads for them? i want the 5th, 12th, 31th, 33rd, 50th, 52nd, 55th and 65th ones downloaded as my cursors!

Lots of cursors really cool did not really have a favorite cuse they were all cool

entertaining for about half an hour, lol.
my favorite was 44 :)

what is with the tisk tisk thing when u right click it says r u tring to cheat but it isnt a game

Held my attention for quite a while...I love how many there were. Well done!



I loved all of these! ^.^

65 was my favorite

Good work over-all but I personally think you wasted all your talents on a simple demo.

i love the music its tits

Whoa, I really love them! I especially enjoyed the first rainbow-fading trail, the explosions... *tries to remember* Gahh, I had a bunch and I can't remember them all. Great work, I really enjoyed this. :D

it was off the hizzy(whatever that means...)i loved the spiders!

Those cursors were really cool. Some would be kinda hard to actually use, but all of them were interesting. If possible, make a downloadable version of them.

i liked cursor 57 and 62


dude, if you're going to make a gadget game, most of the time it has to have replayability (?) and this is one of those times.the cursor effects last way to long and if you move the mouse a lot (isn't that the point?) it gets way laggy. must try harder.or words to that effect.

nice job even though its hard to grade graphics and sounds was turned off but nice job, i gave humor a 4 becuase one had beer bottles and was funny

i noticed the 49th cursor was missing. btw nice flash thingy

A fascinating example of Gestalt theory, something I'll certainly share with my designer friends! Perhaps there could be a way to cycle back to the previous pattern?

(P.S. Though "humor" isn't applicable here, seeing beer bottles flying around was definitely funny.)

this game is so awsome!!!

Send me the name of any other of these u made cuz u are very talented

Pretty cool cursors, I liked them, but #16 looks like sperms :P
Good but annoying sound

I liked it number 30 was my favorite all in all it was a cool little time waster

number 11 was awesome i wish i could have that on my cursor

number 57 was the best


I enjoyed most of the cursors but some became quite repetative, you might be interested in making a best of game. with your favorite picks.

Did I see something from Metal Slug in there? Good cursors. I always like these kind of things. Keep doing what you are doing and I'll watch for more cursors.

that explodgen one is from metal slug

It's not amazingly impressive when looking at what could have been done, but I love it. I could probably play with this for an hour or so before getting even slightly bored with it. Some of the graphics were so-so, kind of sloppy, but I really loved a good deal of them.

it was great but i got bored quite quickly some of them were the same and most of them were very similer

My favs are 57 and 65

I can't wait to get drunk and or trippin and come back and play with this. It makes me want to go home from work and start drinking.

This is GREAT!

Your a legend. end of

I was expecting more than that. I didn't hate it, but i just got a little bored after a while. Good try!

that was really cool.
and i actually enjoyed sitting here watching them all.

THIS GAME ROCKS, i was hyper when i played its so it was even better. TYR IT!! Number 33 is my favourite. =B

look it was great and all. but what song was that called i need to know

so many colors overal 10

well ill admit some were pretty good but overall alot of the cursors got rly repettitious or however u spell that word.the music was horrible. it was so annoying.and i swear ive seen some of the cursors in another persons cursor game.

really cool, could you make the .fla file available? i bet alot of flash artists would love to use some of the stuff you have on that. my fav was 57

This looks just like cursors of the future down to the very last mouse. I liked it though :)

18, 24, 41, 48, 53, 57, 61, 65. Those are the best ones.

Very nice...although it gave me a headache when i was finished with it.

I love this game. My favorite cursor is number 65, the explosion one. Yeah u guys are awesome.

I really enjoyed this, the cursors are amazing

It is a very Great animation , with a lot of Very Beautiful Cursors like it very much !!

Awesome, i wish i could download them...is it possible?

I think that some day...this will be the future of all computers. Number 5 was my personal fave. 8/10

Awesome cursors man.
53 and 57 were the best. :D
Loved this, i wish i had them on my computer.

i like your cursors make more and one with lightsabers

my favorite is 57 looks like a DNA strand of a retarded rainbow.

some of them are very mesmerizing. you should make one of a kiwifruit.
exept strawberry > kiwifruit but kiwi is funner to say

<document.message.bootup: "I have hacked your computer"
else: "i have hax0red your computer"


they really should make a hax0rscript

Very creative. I would like to be able to go back and forth through the cursors instead of just forward. If you get into making others like this or update the version maybe you can throw that in.

Great stuff man, I never realised this was you until after I saw LSF, or I woulda reviewed sooner. This has probably been asked already, but can you download these anywhere? I'd love to see another of these soon ^^

I thought it was ok, but not really that good.

that was pretty bad ass

i loved those

my favs were.. lol yes im going to list them

24 26 29 31 33 35 40 41 50 53 55 57 64 and 65

those were like the best

great great GREAT job

good game i injoyed this game

well I agree with him vvvv

the only thing that annoyed me about this flash was that i coudn't giv u higher tan 5/5 and 10/10 this was an amazingly entertaining flash and ther are a lot ov gud flashes on newgrounds but not as many as ther are as gud as this. please don't remake this it wud jus be a crappy copy expand and explore ur flash abilities. and the music worked ridiculousy well with this flash. and p.s. the reason humor is a 10 is cuz i was laffin with unbelief

I really liked this flash, lotsa things to go "how the hell do you scrip that?!" and "WOW"

Many, many examples of trails cursor.
Altough some are interesting, the whole flash is totally useless and should be called "interactive movie", not "game".
Altough such programs are good to practice the language, these attempts shouldn't be made public.
Keep up good work, but don't publish it until you learn language and design to a level when you can compete with other Newgrounds publishers.

one thing, the guy below me said it was good, yet gave it an 0. did i miss something?

very nice! u should try and make like a sequel...

but i can see how hard ideas might be for new cursors...

but anyway a perfecto flash

try better music though

nice cursor game

do u got any better flashes???

plzz tell me by replying

how did u get the system to make flashes and wut is it could i want it plzzzzzzz

i wunna make plashes too

very good game

this was really cool. its a little long and i would like it if i could download the cursors. but besides that it was really cool.

i liked it a litel to long but i hope you mak more!


i like it

I love it...if there is a way to make that into useable cursor for websites, i would proably punch nuns to get it.

(if the idea of punching nuns appalls you, please imagine that i am instead bunching the political party member of your choice)

#6... I hate math...but maybe that's b/c I'm in precalculus? lol...oh well...this is pretty good...mind if I snag a few?

My favorite one of all was 57.
Definatly loved it.

I also find it interesting how you were(are?) only 13 and you've mastered the craft of making cursors.

Think you could make a tutorial on how, or place to download them?

Anyways, keep up the great work! -goes to check out his other stuff-

I like this game. it is very fun. im just glad im not epileptic else id be dead bi now! fun fun fun fun..fun..zzzz

I really liked it! Even though it's a relatively simple concept, it was just amazing! Some of the effects were just crazy! The only thing that needs improving are the backgrounds and you need hit areas on your buttons.

Oh, and I'm glad I'm not epileptic! Looking forward to future work from you!

yea i actually liked that, didnt require any thinkin lol, and the different effects were cool too
good stuff

u are going down as pne of my fav authors at number 1!

Cool cursors!

i liked no. 65 too bad i cant get this for my desktop

Can u make this for ur desktop i love that exploding one!

Dude that was awsome, but the sound repeted a little too much but still cool. Graphics, Style, and Interactivity was good. so i gave u(on the 0-5) a 5 and here a 9, becuse there was no violence(not saying that violence is good...or bad) but i did enjoy most of them. Anyway good job.

I love this, I love you <3
Thank you for making such a Pwnage game ;D
You are a true artist. :)

They were pretty. My eyes did this: o.o o.O O.o O.O Oh, and I was also expectig a screamer so I give it 6 violence too.


good cursers witch kinda made my eyes go weird after about 5 minutes.

cool nice cursors they should make those # 51 kinda creeped me out it was kinda gothic dont no why but it just looked gothic somehow but all the rest were cool

LOL for violence 6, its cause i was freaking because i thought the last one would be a screamer....but its not! yay!

Why do they exist!?!?!?

nice cursor ideas...would make the comp bugs thought...

Those cursors were awsome! I, personally, liked the last cursor in that.

Dude, Those cursors were awsome!
I've never seen so many cursors in one flash document!
Great work.

I went to a different cursor gaget to compare and you beat them by haveing better quality. Good job

dude this was very original! good work.

this is so awesome and funny for some reason

that is the best game ever! u should make a sequal to this with more contols and more cursors...Rock on! u rock

THE BEST DAMN GAME EVER!!!!!! the music rox, the cursors were wicked, and so was the background. THAT ROCKED!!!!!! well done!!! :)


This is fantastic! Much better than some of the others i've seen! By the way, can you tell me what that music's called? Pwetty pwease?

Great job ^^

My favorite were the explosions following the mouse and the red squiggles homing in on the mouse

this was a fun little toy. too bad ya cant get download 'em like in cursors of the future or desktops of the future. still it was pretty good.

wow,that was seriously sweet. all those different mouse styles and their reactions,that was AWESOME!.
i hopes you makes more =D

its way kl

Did the first say 'shirt turtle'

OMG!!!! These cursors are awesome if there is any way or site to download these tell me about it!!! Put up these cursors on the internet,
and it'll put those damn smilies out of buisiness!!!! I especialy liked number 24 where all those fuzzy lines came and changed color then dissapeared.

i liked it but just get a big screen

if theres a site where you can download these i want to know about it !

That was brilliant, and I especially loved the fact that every one of them was different. My absolute favourite was 24, but 10, 20, 41, 50 and 57 were really really good, and 23, 27, 52 and 55 were great as well. Keep up the good work!

Those were prety good check them out almost all wer good and it has 65 cursors and some are really good it has about 15-20 that stand out and are real good. Is there any way to dl these?


Wow!! That was the coolest! The best was number 20.

wow, that was pretty cool. i wish i could have some of those as my myspace cursor, lol. i cant believe how good that was especially only doing flash for a year.. wow. i pretty much liked all of em, but the ones i liked the most were 33, 41, 47, 50, 52, 53, 57, 61, 65, and.. the one with the targets.. i wasnt payin attetnion to the number.. but good job man.

This was pure, mad, Fun! I cant even choose a favorite i liked each and every one of them. You should really keep up the good work... Good job! 9/10

I've never seen anything like this! The only thing that's been just a bit like this is Desktops of the Future. My favourites are the explosion one (65) and the one where it's rotating colourful lines (57) and it looks 3D. You should make it that you can go to the previous cursor though.
Good work!

This flash is great. The cursors were beutifully made while the music is flowing wonderfully with it. That is all.

Very great sellection of cursors, the variations were wonderful. The music really adds to it!

This is so freakin awesome! I love it! And I like how you didn't make the game loop so we know when we've seen them all. Good job!


Is it normal i see the 15th like waffles? :D
That was very addictive... i may spend more time on this than on a normal game lol

I really like #27. How long did that take you? heh...

Hey good work it was really good!!!! I liked #65, the explosion one.
#57 looked really hard to make, and btw what is the music called? It's a cool song! Sweet cursors!

Now those are the cursors that should be on computers! My favorite wa 30 and 38 good job man.

That's the most cursors I've seen in one Flash! Nice!

i thought it was good, the choice of cursors, the way it worked was easy to follow, i was impressed.

all though some of them are a little unsensible to use in flash. use them for quiz games!

I liked the fire one near the end

btw the sound thing is because I could not turn on my speakers

Also tofu boy looks good

It's cool that you're 13. Someone your young age can do such awesome stuff...See you later....I'm going to worship your cursors :-)

i wouldv liked it more if there was a little more variety a lot of them looked the same but it ruled great job!

Brilliant. My favourites were the spinning multicoloured lines, the beer bottles, and the explosions. The best background is definitely the colour changing one.

Probably the best group of cursors I've seen. I thought the droplet/ripple, blood drop/spatter, and explosion were particularly excellent. Nice variety!

man some of those are fuckin hypnotizin and they make you watch them for a while but that was friggin awesome

Great just plain and simple

man, this is awesome. although it could have done with a way to download some. number 26 was one of the best.keep up the great work man

That owned! I liked #5 and #41! That owned! OWNED!

that was great! at first I didnt like the music, but it grew on me haha. My favorite was #33. You should make these into downloadable cursors, so people can use them on their computer. Keep up the awesomeness

You're 13?
Im older than u and i cant make a stick man move.
Keep up the good work!

actually those "60 differents cursors* is a trap , they're all the same except some variations in the shapes and color , but basically this always the same boring thing

These cursors are incredible. how people can come up with so many different styles is amazing

Make more! I will add this to my favorites.

dont know what it is about these but they are always fun to play with

I like #59 with all those hotdogs chasin my cursor lol! fucking great job man alot of them were funny and some werent but the all rocked! this is top 50 material!

good job, truely worthy of a great review, what more can I say

brilliant!!, you have truly made something great here!, its people like you that make cursors, more than just cursors, you make art!

where can i download the cursors
the one with the spiders is awsome!!!

I liked 11, 20, 28, 33, and 35, also, was 65 an explosion from Metal Slug?

by far my favorites were 65 and 41, nicely done!

this is a very simple yet awsome game. woot!!!!!!

Although Simple i loved it. you have tonnes of imagination in you i vote get it out and make more Mwah. Its very rare i give a simple game a 10 but you deserved it Good job 5 all the way

Awesome game. You Must have a Huge imagination These cursors are Brilliant!

Damn, man! That was freakin AWESOME! There wer some I wasnt crazy about but in general they were amazing! Keep up the good work!!

That was freakin sweet

You should be proud. You've created something all stoners can enjoy. especialy me. good job

Nice cursors you got. My personal fav's are the explosions and the water drip ones. Still, you could of did somthing with the repetitive music. Maybe put a music select menu or somthin. But otherwise good job.

how do you put stuff in the right click menu?????????!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!????????!

Hello Hello Hello,
Now what have we got here, cursors, 65 cursors made by the person which made them. These objects i adore, well done!! I also recomend a button we all call 'Back', otherwise you couldn't improve this flash thing. I'll be leaving now,


This is brilliant. But you need a back button. But still
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)x647

I have to say this but theres almost to many cursors

ohh, either im high... or you did THE BEST job on this... EVER... oh man.GREAT JOB ON THIS dude, you did one great job!!

I thought it was pretty trippy; watchin a bunch of Mexican Jumping Beans.

this is very cool. I wonder if i could get any of these for my computer. Ooh! I love the one where the fish follow you arround and i love the one where it looks like blood trickling down towards you. Actually all of them loooked pretty awesome. How do you do that? I wonder if i can create my own!

You are a freakin genius!!! please sell these!
I know tons of people in canada who would buy this!
loved the spiders on silent movie backgrounds...

My favorite 1 was the one where they flew around like ninja stars! Plus the music was good to!

Good flash! Listen I have a question, I've looked at all these tips on how to get music on mi flash cartoon but it doesn't work. I have a music file that already holds songs and I try to put it on the frame but still, no good! Maybe theres a way you can help me on my flash somehow thx.

mint gadget just like cursors of the future but alot more and some of them are better

oh god oh god oh god! It HURTS! IT PAINS!
But it was also really fun. It's similar to "desktops of the future" which I also really enjoyed. Nice one.

ok that was awesome but the ones thatr stood out the most to me were (i no its a long list)

7,10,18,25,26,38,41,44,45,50,52,53,54,57,60,64 and 65

great job!

i liked the 1 that starded off as a bunch of yellow pointy stars then flew around like shuriken!

(just a pointer, i gave a 1 for humor 'cause of the beer bottles one =))


This made me want to dive towards my monitor, moth-to-lightbulb style. Very cool. The option to change the background was sort of wasted on me, I chose the one that changes colors and focused on the cursor after that.

it kept me entertained for a while, trippy shit, dude. 0 on sound because my comp doesnt have sound

this is perfect for rolling

i loved it my favorite


Likes it veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy much Can u download em

Never realized there was so many. Nice.

this was a pretty cool and neat idea but this kinda reminded me of or desktops of the future...

Wow, that was good! but some ideas were totally taken from cursors of the future.

wwwwwwwwwww look at the pretty colours.(drooling)

I'll remeber this for the next time I'm on acid *thumbs up*

I loved this! Very kewl! I'd download these as my cursors for sure:

5, 8, 17, 22, 26, 33, 41, 43, 50, 55, 61,

ILL CREDIT ALL MY WORK THAT ILL DO WITH UR NAME SOMEWHERE ON IT! CAUSE YOU OWN!! plz teach me, my e-mail is firesign2272 at hotmail dot com and i have msn. and nearly all programs liek it appart from yahoo but if you have that then ill get it (i have msn, aim, x-fire, mIRC) PLZ TEACH ME!

This has got to be 1 of my fave things to do when im bored! Keep up the good work!

my 3-year old loved this gadget so much, once he learnd how to use it he played for hours, and hours!

My favs are: 41 45 57 61 64 and 65 :)

Good job!

Amazing. A huge improvement. I wish I could have those cursors on my desktop. Wow. Omg. Wow. Omg. Sorry about the lack of variety. Damn, it's the full moon tonight! Well I have to go turn into a Super Salad, later. But it was awesome.

nice but next time ad a number select m'kay???

OMG! Pretty colours.......
really good man

It has awesome graphics, and shows, what can be made of simple duplicateMovieClip action (i know, it's bit harder, but i think if you catch the theory of it, the life will became easier ;).

This flash isn't very ambitious, and not so original, but still provides fun. It won't stay in my memory for a long time, next time use your actionscript and frame-by-frame talent for some kind of RPG or RTS :P.


that was so cool!! bubbles, blood, stars, explosions, beer bottles(funny), funny colours... you name it it's on a cursor!!! i hate cursor popups but this game is so kool!!! and to think its only cursors....

I liked 56 and 57 the best ( the box one and the 3D twirly one).

This was pretty cool. Rated it 9, but im givig 5/5 on this!

this is one of the best cusor-changing (sort of) games I have ever played there were tons of cusors I liked the exploson one

I gave it a 5/5

woah i just played with this for like a half hour. trippy music! i loved it.

i have to say, this is the coolest thing i have ever seen. is there any way to make them useable?

The last one looked like they were explosions from Metal Slug.

cool cursors especialy #64 or 65 whichever the last one was

Those cursors were great!

That was a cool flash. Iliked it so much I went through them three times. make something else like this.

I hated... That ya couldn't download those awesome crosurs! I'll give ya 5 bucks for those in downloadable forum.

This is a pretty cool flash, but ive seen a few of ur designs in a few other flashes. keep up the good work ;)

i so want all of them cursors ! good job

top d 'n' b tune as well!!!

Those were freakin' awesome!!! Thats all i got to say.

That was CRAZIE!! I really like cursor # 10 and the music was really good too!!

COOL! Friggin amazing dude!!!!!!!!! 65 cursors!!!!!!!!!! Wow!

that woz fucking amazing!!!! all those cursors were absolutely brill!!
i liked the xplosion 1 that woz cool!
i liked it wen i rite kliked the screen and it sed "tisk tisk tryin to cheet" and the "wanna b frends" 1 woz very sneeky.
if it ain't too much truble wud u b able to give me the action script on how to make those and how u put those messages in that box wen u rite klik it. i'd most appreciate it
hit me back on this as soon as possible plz
thx a bunch.


lol sum of those are trippy i like 65 the best

this wuz da shit yo. i meen it wuz all like i wuz high or on e. it wuz awsum. dis shit getsa 10 yo yo yo.

That was pretty cool. I enjoyed a lot of the cursors but i've forgotten which ones. There were so many!

Well done - you've done a good job!!

Wow there were a lot more cursors than I thought there would be.
I like the math cursor lol.

All I have to say is wow.
It was so much fun!!
I gave 5 humor and violence because some of the cursors looked like blood and the beer bottles were funny =P

This is so going on my favorites!
If you're reading this, then PLAY THE MOVIE now!! It's so cool!

It was pritty good. kept me busy for like, 10 mins... wich is hard to do because i have ADD. For future refrencens, make a button, that can turn off that motha fukin music.

Interesting concept, kind of busy but fun for a little while

class.some were a bit too much goin on at occe though
the simple ones are the best

It was alright but some were a little boring some were the same as. overall its an eight

Very nice.
Funky music, btw. I love every single one of those cursors, thay are so damn cool!

Luved the variety of stuff and backgrounds

any1 who wants 2 c any good stuff go 2 dis

i love this game it was soooo fun when ur baked my favorite one was 57!!! TRIPPY.!#$%^^#

it was pretty cool, but was just the same thing but with different pictures, but i liked it. how much pot did you have to smoke to make this?

Simple but effective, made me want to watch Pi.

Very Nice! I was playing it for hours pretending it was like a lazer show Lmao :P But i had fun! Nice, Keep up the good work!

LOVED IT, tht was so good you should bring out a thing where u can download some of them brilliant

great where can i downlode number 15 it reminded me of waffels :)

i only have one question??? where can i download these!?! lol

Wow really buzzy when your stoned

This submission was really good. My only problem with it is that most of the cursors were repeated over and over again but with just another color or a slightly tweaked design. Other than that, it was GREAT!!!

It was cool...but a little reapedative
but good none the less

dude, this is good shit! is there any way to get any of these cursors for real?

There are a couple of other cursor-based gadgets and they pretty much covered all the cursors that that one's got. It's nothing new.

The cursors were very repetitive, because most of them were the same thing, with a different image and a slightly different effect. Other than that, nice work!
Hail Satan,


it is a great gadget dude!!
you ve made a good work in 1 year!!
hope to see more of your stuff in this site!!
keep it up

These cursors were really fun to look at and play around with, and kept me busy for about 20 minutes. I love these cursor style gadgets. ^^

Excellent work!

This was an awesome game!!! I loved the ideas you had, especially with the fish, targets, and the stars and rainbowy effects. Excellent, excellent work!!

these cursors are cool i was amazed at all of dem i especially liked the last one!!! ;D

Holy Shit dude i could play this for hours! o.o

i love the first arrows one.

If I was high, I would still be playing. Very cool.

it was overall a good game the sound was awsome too i liked it


you have waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands.

That was SO COOL!

33, 44, 56 and the final one are pretty sweet. music fits.

it was pointless and stoupit ... know the power of the dark side

i cant believe ur only 13 this is really good i love all the styles
and the music is kickass too

That was sweet =p

This Was Really Nice I Went Threw Every Single Cursor, And I Can See That You Put A lot Of Time Into It. You Are Really Young And This Was Good For Your Age. I Hope To See More Things By You. Good Job And Keep Up The Good Work!

realy loved this lol but i noticed alot of cursors that look vagly simular to the 1 cursor gadget game they have....ya but lots of other 1s and there pretty funny to lol nice job (cud use some better graphics though)

i mean as fun as moving your mouse on a screen is it would be cool to download as a cursor to do something while your suffs loadin

Wouldn't call it a game, but whatever the technical term for it is, it is great. Can totally see myself being mesmerized by this for hours. Very hypnotic. The spiders were the best :)

good html but it got VERY repetitive... but good job keep it up

That was a great flash. I would love one of them cursors! BTW can you send the music to me in e-mail coz i loved that music. hardcore. Keep it ~up~!

Killer Electro

It was very fun looking at the cursors and the awsomer effects of ech one. It was very creative. I hope you make a little more things to do so it would be funner. Good job!

This game was pretty good, but needs a feature to go back a cursor. If a sequel was made, maybe the transition between cursors could be smoothed out.


as fuck lol. if you switch the lights off and everything lol. Its probably even better on LSD lmao

very cool, dude. but er, what made you make so many of em? you must have had quite a bit of spare time

cool anyway

This game isn't something really fancy, but it's still really cool and much fun :D The guy who created this one has quite a lot of creativity...

very good but what could have inspired you to do such there must be something odd in the air in the land down under

Fab! Had some old classics but many new ideas I haven't seen before. Groovy background music also ^.^
My faves (because I just have to tell you XP) were:
32, 34, 50, 57
Number 53 on the rainbow background, is painful >.<
60 makes me think of a hairy caterpillar chasing my cursor...interesting...
63 - cute
65 - wicked

Im 13 and im crap at flash. i only stay around here for the cheap crac - Sorry, well done!

Hey awesome cursor graphics!!! I wish i had flash skillz like you. Or do I?

P.S. 32 and 38 were the best...ummm...yeah...anyway...

~peace out~

But those were real good.

I like numbers 30 & 65 the best.

come back back when its downloadable then it will be interesting.its not bad it gets abit boring after abit though..looks like you put alot of hardwork and effort in to it good job...


Cool AND confusing! =)

I don't know if this is really a "game" but personally I don't care. I had way to much fun finding all the patterns and designs my mind could handle.

There is only two things that I think the creator should look into:
1. More Backgrounds
2. A different mouse image for each background. (possibly)

Besides that, very good work. It's very simple yet satisfying and something that I think I could enjoy for tens of minutes at a time. Maybe even more if I wasn't sober.

the only reason i gave it a 7 for violence is because of epilepsy and seizures of the violence the game can cause!

on the other hand or foot i say well done

Ok, so first of all: Respect for this work! One can see youve put lots of effort into it and it realy came out niceley!

Some of the Cursors where so nice, I wish i´d have em on my PC to use all day.

The only thing I have to take marks off is the Sound, it would have been nice to have a longer Track since the Loop got boring after a while.
Everything else was realy nice and sometimes a bit trippy. :-)

Nice. The opening was cool... I liked number 10, 23, 27, 36, 45 and 57 especially.
Also some like 33, 38, 50, 53, 62 and 63 were pretty fun too.
Good job.....
Maybe also put in a few more choices for music? The music was fine, but it did get a tad repetitive as I was scrolling through the cursors.

Nice, I liked, especially the music. Is there any chance that you can make them into real cursors, I wouldn't mind having one of those! :D

Since the filename is Cursorized.swf why didn't u just call it Cursorized?

I love this!!! I`ve never seen anything like it and i luv it. The graphics are fab!

So i give this a big fat 10!

Awesome dude!

I like cursor number 20,37 and 38. very cool and new.
some other cursors tends to get too repetitive. same effect over and over but different shapes only.
i dun unds num 49's.. number 50's one is dam farnie and quite. ahas. number 60's is a cursor that i nva see b4. v interestin. i love the graphic for the explosion which i tink is num 65's.




i spent more time than i'd like to admit messing with that. good work

that was good but alot of them were alot like eachother and they desolved to quickly i was enjoying alot of them and then they disolved slow it down please other than that it was a good job why don't you make another one except with like a hundred of them? oh and also use what i said?

That is what you call fun and excellent! man! keep it up!

Woah man the colors and...that was just wicked awesome

this is cool and i wish i could download theese to my computer

I liked those cursors but not backgrounds.

Gadgets are usually hold the same entertainment value as watching an ant farm, but every once in a while you might see something that stands out a bit. I don't know why I like this one more than others, I just do.

more fun then it looks...

65 was the best :D im guessing you made it last on porpuse?

my god there is so many... such variety too.... did i see a star of david mixed into the lot? I love the splattering against the wall blood one the best, remends me of that scene in akira where he tetsuo goes likie GRRRA! and splatters everyone around him... slick and sexy!

I really liked it!
The music fits to the music too!

Good work!

I do not mean to knock the work you put into this "game", because I'll wager it took you quite awhile to complete. However, I am just not very impressed. These types of presentations have been done to death (almost as much as the "mouse over field of things to make them move" movies). If you've seen one you've pretty much seen them all. There is very little to be gained by submitting more of them to the Newgrounds Flash Portal.

Also, to be nitpicky, these are not cursors. In fact you didn't even change the cursor. It's still the default hand. I'd call these "effects" or something like that if I'd authored the movie.

Finally, I'm sure the code was difficult to write if you are unfamiliar with Actionscript or writing code in general. At first glance the movie looks impressive. After a few moments, however, I realized how you created the effects and the code seems pretty simple. Still, I'm glad you put the time into coding it, because it surely made for a good learning experience. Writing code is usually a far more difficult task than drawing movieclips ... even if you have to draw 60+ of them.

That all having been said, I gave this movie a 3/5 (a.k.a. "I like it"). I hope to see great things from you in the future.

This "game" was really interesting! I actually went through all of them, and my absolute favorites were 26, 28, 47, and 65.

That was really cool! I especially liked the music.

those were some pretty cool cursors... wish you could actually get some of those on your comptuers as opposed to the good old-fashioned cursor.

This is great. I love the music; who is it by?

Keep up the great work.

If you can this after 1 year i wounder what you could after 1 week!!

Great job man


The music and most of the cursors made me feel like I was in a mini-rave.

I did like some cursors though. There was a squiggly lined one in different shades of blue and green (and maybe yellow, I forget). The "blood spatter" one and the one that looks like little paper dots (from the hole puncher) flying upwards.

I didn't pay attention to the numbers, sorry.

omg i love the tsk tsk thing HAHAHA!!!!!!

okey doeky if you wanna know what im talking about and you dont want to laugh as much about it look down

right click

an original game and i like it the last cursor no. 65 was the best thanks for giving me the experience im adding this to my fraviuots.


someone should make a theme for an OS with cursors like this

i don't know why the action script was a pain is the ass, when i gave the code to you in a response to your review on my flash "cursorized". check your reviews and you'll see proof.
you might remember me now, im from australia as well, so please don't pretend you made this all by yourself. besides that it was a good effort and i'll vote accordingly.

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from 3.3553 to 3.3611! its a 9 because the music got really annoying after a while.

I think I'm about to have a sezior......cool! I gave you a five "You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from 3.3477 to 3.3531!" Don't thank me, I'm just a cop, doin his job. Keep it up = )

these cursors look pretty wicked how did you make this so good?

Keep up the good work!

VERY NICE. I think this is the best ever.

Good Flash the graphics was good.

nice effects

i saw this yesterday on the bbs and it looks like you have made a slight change were you press B for backgrounds anyways i thought it was really good

I ahven't listened to music for a long time, so this game me memories of me staring at the itunes vizualizations all day.

Variety wasn't the only thing that kept it alive.

The music was great too.


wow that wa really awesome, man...

would be great, if you upload all those uber-nice cursors, cause some of them were really useable and looked great ;D great job

hey, those cursors were awesome, i spent about half an hour looking at them, just one question, the explosion one at the end, that looked so awesome, is there any way i could get the .fla for the explosion??
please reply!

Yay! I get a protection point! This ROCKS! You could try taking the bit where you right click and it says wanna be frineds? off.

mg...this shit was sooooooo nice...damn man...this was fun to play with, there are r so many cursors!!! good work, i like the bgs too

It's like an acid trip, with out the brain explosion=death! Yay!

Ive seen a few of those cursers in other work, but still a good flash. I can tell lots of ork was put into it. Keep on trucken'!

at first I was like, "you sad little child"

Then it just KEPT on going. The colours, the way they move, the sound in my head, duhder, derdum, deeerrrr. I cant stop I cant stop, clicky clicky, explosion after explosion!

Seriously, I had to stop after 45, I thought i was gonna get a brain aneurism!


oh and just coz your aussie, "goodaye mate, and thanks for the ashes. Crikey that was a good series Bob!"

I really liked it, very addictive. I trust that this will get submitted to the Experimental Movies Collection.

Keep it up my young padawan!

this is the nost trippyest game yet sooooo cooooooool

Well, that was a very cool interactive (I especially liked the music) but it just that all "cursors" are the same. Anyway, I liked it very much and hope that it (actually it WILL) stay in the portal.

Keep it up

~ scrimpy

I confess the first thing that crossed my mind was "WTF?" But I ended up enjoying it. I liked specially #30, it's very interesting to make spirals with that cursor.

You got to admit, however, this is not a great movie or game. It's just so-so enough to stay in the Portal. It's curious. Intriguing. So I'll protect it this time. For your next submission, try to bring a movie or a game, ok?

# Poirot #

graphics and style. these things have been done before with more backgrounds although i'm not sure if you have more cursors

sound. you got some but it got annoying maybe others or a stop funtion

interactiveness. great for a cursor changer thing but otherwise its hard to keep playing

humor. i don't think i've seen spiders or a line of explosions in one of these.

i got bored after a while but ur relly good maybe u kuld help me on a cursor i'm working on email me at mgproductions2006@hotmail

Wow, this is so cool and fun! I really enjoyed this unique flash! I am impressed. Keep up the great work! 4/5


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4.14 / 5.00