KaZZaP Battles Episode 1

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Its just a crazy fight yo, this is the first flash I've ever submited to newgrounds. I heard the song first then made the flash around it.
Smoke B.C. Bud!


Very bad

It looks like you put no effort into making this video


ok this isnt just to you but to all the 420 SMOKE WEED WHOOOOO faggots, GET YOUR OWN IDEA'S this basically was a Cheech and Chong rip off with the music and the general feel of it. All you guys seem to do is take others people idea and put a joint on it, (which was just one persons semi okay idea that you all just ripped off) im sure this review will just get deleted and me banned becasue you seem to have some kind of deal that any garbage you make will be protected and on the front page so i jsut want u to read this and hopfully it will spark you making your own creative and original work.

KaZZaP responds:

what in the fuck are you talking about

...its like dragon ball z without the balls...

MMM.... Sadisticator is confused... The story smelt like rotten egg pie and the fighting was right out of a dragon ball z episode minus the thirty minutes of constipated yelling... There were no bunnies and there was no happy music... I Dont get it was the green haired the bad guy or was the red haired guy... Thats prejidece against red/green haired ppl! I thought it was very funny though lol i liked the end were he relised he would be wanted for murder (a hate crime) and so he ran away... Overall the sadisticator enjoyed it, He especially liked the green haired guy because of the runaway thing at the end...

KaZZaP responds:

story??? I guess the red guy was the bad guy, but thiose 2 have a deep connection that may be revield in later episodes.

Kazzap strikes again!!

ahhh that's good stuff Kaz! It looks like you just wussed out at the end though - it could have been made longer with more over the top violence and moves and such. With my love of DBZ, i have a special appreciation for it :)

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KaZZaP responds:

Ya the End is more like a joke then suppoce to be sweet, the flash was going to end and that poitn but I couldn't figure out how to ease into his death so iI decided to fuck it.


this was sweet this guy must get 1000's of ladies

KaZZaP responds:

yes, yes I do

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2.41 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2006
12:07 AM EDT
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