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All New All Your Base

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thanks for putting it in the collection ppl

If you are confused read up on all your base here -

watch it all btw
************FLASH 8************
WARNING:This Movie contains flashing images

This is an all your base tribute it took us a while. there is a fair selection of images inside it, so enjoy.
I know there are alot of All Your Base movies out there but that doesnt mean that this isnt great dont you agree. i know its badly synced and i am sorry.


Some of those you could tell were fake.

And sorry to say, but with this kind of flash, you need to make sure it looks competely real. Especially with AYB. Others though, were really good. Keep it up!

FireNuke responds:

wtf, fake, what is fake?
if you meen badly put together some were, others wernt XD


But I suppose it is still okay, but at least you can not tell me to make one myself. :D (Check my Flash in profile, you'll see). So yeah, it was pretty good, but the syncing was pretty bad.

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FireNuke responds:

my comrad, you have pointed out the error of my movie with knowing what makes a good flash movie, so out of the few people who have reviewed it, i take your opinion the most serious

did not match the music. all the other ones do.

remake a classic? better make video match audio. the other remakes do.

FireNuke responds:

go do better your self

Seen it Before

It's exactly like the others, but I think it should be in the collection as it is still a true 'all your base' parody.

FireNuke responds:

okkie dokie thanks have a great day

I like Zero Wing, but it's starting to repeat.

It's not a bad video, it's just that every Zero Wing Video released in a while has been the same with different pictures. Will someone please design something different? (I would but I cant do that kinda stuff.)

FireNuke responds:

i dont bellive as well as not being anasshole you also dont sya @i can do better in 5 seconds@ like one cunt once said. my freind you will go far

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3.71 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2006
6:21 PM EDT
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