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Okay, my forth movie!its very short and grammar problem so very sorry again well heres a summary

One of the comments :Light saber duels, blond haired guy with a bounty on his head that morns the death of a girl he lost, and that guy he fought looked like your tipical badguy.Thats it,so hope you enjoy it.


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Not bad

It wasn't all that bad. Some voices would be good. But... Lisa was 12 when she died?

Good job :)

I liked your flash :) I'm a noob animator (I only made like.. one animation with moving squares? xD) so you will not get critism about animating from me since I'm inexpirienced with animation. But I have to say that I loved the details, like the forest sounds and the moving grass. At first glance it looks simple, but it really wasn't.
The grammar didn't really bother me, but that's because English isn't my native language, and I guess I'm making grammar mistakes too right now.
About the story, it's a very interesting storyline, but to my liking too much happened in so little time. Well, this wouldn't count if this movie continues, but still when making a (short) movie, it's important to build the story up and introduce the story in the beginning.
But even though, the story was great. It was interesting, it had suprising effects (like Edge suddenly being shot, or that scary white spot after he died xD that was suprising too). I like dramatical scenes too, but that's my personal opinion ofcourse.
I liked the story and it was too bad that you don't know what happened to Edge, why he has a bounty on his head, or why his wife had to die. So it would be great to see another movie that would go on with the story and answer those questions, I would be interested to see it. But then again, stories don't need to answer every question. It's just that I'm a very curious person xD
Anyway, I loved your flash :D It has an interesting storyline, the graphics were fine, the dialogs were great, I loved the details and the action was cool too.
Yay! *gives you a cookie* xD

it was good

I liked the story line how his sound was great hard to read tho a bit to fast but i know you could change that. other than that i would have given it a 10/10


I quite like the story line, slightly mysterious, but the thing with the assasin was slightly weird. What was with the 'I will hav a billion dollars' or whatever, thought that was just a but off the plotline.
I gave humour a 1 as I couldnt have slightly laughing as the guy got shot. But thats just me

reojionline responds:

glad you enjoy it,well the assasin said that he will get one billion dollar for killing edge?hm.. thanks

this is really kinda sad.

I mean it could have been so much better. You basically combined the best of some things into one story and made them really bad. Light saber duels, blond haired guy with a bounty on his head that morns the death of a girl he lost, and that guy he fought looked like your tipical badguy. I actully found it humerous that after that fight he got killed shot in the back of the head.

that is wy I give you a 2/5.

reojionline responds:

glad you enjoy a little of it,bad story right,I understand its 2/5 kinda story and the good thing it could have been so much better?hm...I`ll think about it or help me like tell me how?that would help any way thanks for the review

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3.73 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2006
12:20 PM EDT
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