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starwell ep9:heart health

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front page.that's cool,but sux.seeing as this is one of the worst eps,especially for newcomers. check the newest ep or watch my favorite ep http://newgrounds.com/po

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Cool Movie Series

The starwell series has been a fun series here and I have enjoyed reviewing your works here and do wish there was more to this but it was still fun and "ENTERTAINING" the main character here in this one is "ALWAYS-FUNNY" a very entertaining series and sad it has come to an end.

Some subtitles


Well not your typical Newgrounds flash.

But i actually thought this was a really good episode of Starwell even if it was mainly educational but it's nice to see one of those on Newgrounds once in a while especially if it has to do with health,i don't care what you think this episode was great. =)


Another hillarious episode in this great seires. Great graphics and smooth animation, as always, combined with a highly entertaing plot. Love it. Looking forward to many more eps, keep up the great work!


Much better.

After watching some of your previous episodes, this one is much better. Some may disagree just because they consider it to be "educational", but I thought it was for the most part pretty funny.

Of course, all Starwell episodes do have some corny humor, but some of the time it's funny. I thought the part where the boy stole the old man's wallet was funny, and the part where Starwell was drunk was funny also.

As always, you have good animation here, and it's not at all bad looking. However, sometimes the character's voices are difficult to understand, this episode I didn't have much of a problem with that though.

Overall, you've really improved from this one. It's not was I'd give a 4 or 5 quite yet, but it was much better!

Love the health facts

I've been watching this series over the last couple days, and I must say I love how you put in all the little bits about being healthy. Its good to know that even flash artists know how to have a good overall wellness.

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3.46 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2006
10:45 AM EDT