Easter Egg Hop

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Just made this game for Easter - hope you like it. I'd be interested to get some feedback on the difficulty settings - is easy too easy, hard too hard? Also, any comments on how the mouse control works for you - I find sometimes if you move too quickly and the mouse leaves the game screen it can become frustrating when the bunny doesn't move. Any ideas, suggestions. Thanks!

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Oh, it's the carnivorous rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, going around eating poor defenseless chicks.

Wow, 14 pages of comments and the last one before me is from more than 3 years ago. I guess once a game gets to a certain age, I'm the only one who ever finds them again, ha ha. But Ericho, if you're still alive, and you come back and read this for some reason, it's just your own personal high scores stored in a cookie in your computer, it's not a global leaderboard, tee hee. Of course you're going to be #1. If you're not, you should be getting worried. Ghosts in your computer. Booga booga booga.

Anyway I don't get this game. Did I lose? How? I didn't get pecked by any chickens, I just ate a bunch of chicks and eggs and then it announced I made it through level 1 and then back to the title screen. What, is level 1 all there is? Or did I not do well enough in it to play level 2? Oh well, I don't care, it wasn't a very exciting game, I wouldn't want to play 20 levels of it, how horrible would that be.

I'm the only one there!

It is so satisfying to be able to play a game like that and be #1 in everything! Granted, that was only because I believe I am the only person to play it, but this was still fun. I liked the aerial view, especially with how you had a clear inkling of what you were getting yourself into by playing the game. It was very easy to understand and should satisfy anyone who is a big fan of Easter. I loved how goofy the bunny looked as he was just hopping around. The music had a nice country feeling to it.

I enjoyed this game.

I voted this in my Monthly Top 10 and I am putting this into my favorites. A great game, very fun with little violence. I hope you go on to more great games like this.

A nice game with no violence for a change

what I just said

the gaiest game next to that football game....

almost as gay as the football game.....rrrrrrreeeeeeeelllllllllyyyyyyyy easy and boring.. if i could id add it to my hate list bad job...i dont give u props.. @-.-@ sucked!

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3.86 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2006
6:18 AM EDT
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