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Update: 8/20/2016
Hello again to all on New Grounds. I realize that the statements made below, back in 2006, are something I wrote out of anger and frustration which are two emotions that should never be reflected towards an audience that is actually providing me with insight to possibly help to improve upon my past works.

This was bought to my attention today, and I have since then made great strides in my works, and my ability to maintain myself as a professional even if we may not share the same view points.

Part of what makes this site such a wonderful place is the fact that the audience here actually takes the time to look at our works and give us honest feed back to help improve upon them. This was something I wasn't ready for back then, but feel I have made an honest attempt over the past decade to accept the criticism I receive as constructive not destructive.

I would like to take the opportunity to apologize to the New Grounds community and to anyone else that I might have offended with my past statements as I move forward in an attempt to bring you the best possible experience that you
the viewer deserves.

Arien-Christopher J Dixon

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Good/very good

Here begins my quest to study your work; consider whether you have been reasonably treated and give it support in an appropriate manner, as promised:

1. You 'sell' it as a short preview. Generally we dont like previews much, as Tom warns you- but as this is a small story in its own right- a 'cameo' if you like, your reviewers and voters have said its too small but still given you 9/10 etc. This is generous by most people's standards. the reivew score translates as nearly 4/5, with is pretty good for any piece this short, despite its top quality art.

Your art ability is not in dispute and the feeling that this and you have potential is clearly expressed. the guy who wrote the silly 'poo' review can be ignored- as he has written something (mildly) abusive and nothing constructive to go with it you should (with our support) get your friends to mark it abusive and it may well be removed.

As this was intended to introduce us to your style and your characters, you rather let yourself down- you have not yet corrected the spelling mistakes and you admit the text goes by too fast. As you create new movies in a series people go back and look at the old ones. Your fans- you WILL get them- and your reviewers will support you more if you improve your old movies as well as moving forward, taking their opinions into account (but not following them slavishly).

The art is great and the animation is OK/good, but sometimes I cannot make out what things are and what is going on all that easily. - I'm sorry that I cannot pinpoint why.
I watched it three times to get all the details but we should only vote on the first viewing
The title is crap- whatever you meant when you named it - ditch it and pick something worthy of this poinient, atmospheric little piece
You did well to manage all the voices yourself as well as you di, but as director you should really be getting better voices- you did the girl surprisingly well but her mum sounds pretty rough, not the gentle 'mummy' voice we would truly sympahtise with.
Best wishes,


Well that was super crazy sir. I have to ask what i just watched to be honest i felt like i was just thrusted into a situation and then it ended before i could really get into it. I thought that the voice acting was maybe alittle too good, it was nearly pro. The style of your work was really nice, you had really thick outlines i liked it and that animation sequence when she fell to her knees was really smooth.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

Hey whats-up? Long time no see.

Hey great flash...(even though I'm a little lost)... but still awesome. When I asked my bro to ask you how else I can contact you he must have mis-interpreted( did I spell it right... if not replace it with mis-understood). Anyways I just wanted to know if you have a website or something were we can chat or something like that? Going back to the flash... this was well- drawn as your previous flash. But just like you said it was real short. I blinked and it was over( Just kidding but it was short.) Where do you get voices or microphones for that matter... my girlfriend(cough* cough*) and some of her pals are pretty interested in flash as well as I am. Sadly I won't be able to make a movie this year... maybe I can sneak one by christmas but it might be crap. Oh this summer I'm going to a flash class to learn how to use flash... I'm so excited I can't wait. Just two... months... away... then we can score each other's flashes( no hard feelings right?) Well see you in your next flash. Keep up the awesome work :D

merit44 responds:

Hey dude! We meet again ^^ Well, your gonna be a little lost at first until I get up to part 3 then it will allp make sense I promise. As far as a web site...the only thing I still attend to for the time being unfortunetly is my Deviant Art account which you can visit by going here: http://razorg456.deviantart.com/
Oh btw congrads on the going to flash camp and what not. I love to see what you can do afterwards. I encourage people like yourself to use the program so I can see some real works unlike my own. Well good luck with that and I do hope to see something from you eventually ^^


Well animated and drawn. Keep it up!


Lol at the confusion! I thought it was a good job.

merit44 responds:

Hum, I need to give a little more info in the next one to clear some of that up ^^

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4.15 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2006
2:47 AM EDT