T.V. Sex Pals Episode 5

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They're back! This episode is QUITE offensive, so viewer discretion is advised. Enjoy!


The worst Sex Pals ever

Billy's back from the dead? Hmm... The gorilla mask was cool, but this toon was a disappointment for me after watching the first 4 Sex Pals.

it was um F..ked up

um yes one thing the song on the hoilday that wasn't dr. who that was Green Day it's track 3 on American Idiot that's the only part of the this i really liked

Intended to be disgusting and crude, but failed.

Now, I love sexual humor; the "Puberty Pals" cartoon is hilarious, and Aristocrats jokes never get old. However, I find two big problems with the story's delivery:

1.) It seems as if it being offensive was a bigger goal for you than being funny, and people who intentionally seek controversey always fail. Personally, I'd also prefer a "knock, knock" joke about "Little Boy Blue" than details about how two men have sexual intercourse (which everyone probably already knows about and does not find humorous at all).

2.) You didn't offer anything new. We have all heard pedophilia and Michael Jackson jokes; the least you can do is offer a different approach to the subject or discuss OTHER sexual perversions entirely.

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Even just like the game clue! The mystery never ends! LOL

lame.... *yawn

Not funny... The whole 'make something as offensive as possible' thing is lame and overdone... if i want to watch that i'll watch South Park... much better than this trash.

DropTrou responds:

Ha, well, you're just a sackless faggot with not ONE single flash, so no one gives a fuck about your gay little opinion.

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Apr 10, 2006
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