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Please, for the love of god, make sure you have downloaded and installed Macromedia Flash Player 8 before watching this. A lot of animations in the movie won’t play for you if you haven’t.

Okay, this is a preview for a new series I’m thinking of bringing to NG. I might not have the time to dedicate myself to an entire series, but I figured I’d submit this and see how it was received before I make my decision. But I'm already leaning towards 'yes' so I could care less what the outcome is.

My last series got a lot of criticisms because my backgrounds sucked and the animations were crap so that’s something I wanted to improve on for this series. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.


very nice in fact 10.

humor got a 10 cause of the pac man bit and i think i know you going for the bullet time bit but atleast you commented on it.. truck marked thieves with the music was a good call.

graphics and style. you used black and white good here. i don' think i would have liked it as much if it was in color.

sound was balanced good

violence he was batman with guns didn't have any getting hurt on screen but the blood spurts were there.

intactivity was a bit higher since you had info quick and didn't have credits thanking everone and thier pet ducks.

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

Argh, I forgot to thank the pet ducks. Damn it!

Thanks for going into detail on your scores like that.


that was awesome, dude! the only thing you need to improve on, is nothing :D. the music went sooooooooooo perfect! and then the black and white film style, it jsut shot me right though the heart with a tag say "awesome!!" ....great job :D i voted 5

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

Incredible response, good sir. If tere was a way for me to vote on reviews, this would be a flawless 10

Best i've seen in a long time

goodjob on ur movie i didnt like the music but the rest was awesom!

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

The day someone doesn't get a kick out of swing music is the day something something something...

I wanna see more!

Ok, that was pretty good. :) Very nicely done. The animation style reminded me of the end credits from The Incredibles but with a film noir quality. Wonderful choice of music, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy fits the material perfectly. This looks like it could be a prologue for a series, which I hope it is. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Killroy in the future.

Again, great job, I really enjoyed it.

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

This is the trailer for what I hope becomes a series. I'm thinking of doing more, keep your eyes peeled.


10 I say!

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

It's a shame this wasn't the 10th review.

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3.48 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2006
7:29 PM EDT
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