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MC's Game Reviews ep.1

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MarshmallowClock and VikingClock of the ClockCrew review various lately released games, including Metal Gear Ac!d 2 (PSP), Tetris DS (NDS), and the very much coveted review from guest-star VikingClock for Kingdom Hearts 2!
Please ignore how bad I am at making the clocks talk. It's something I'm working on. There are captions, so bother yourself with those.

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really good

this was really good i myself would like to see more of these.


some parts went slower than they should of been and that was also with the sounds.

The reviews were awsome though (KINGDOM HEARTS 4 EVA)

Pretty sweet man.

I really like all of them, especially KH2, that game kicks ass. You should do more stuff like this, no matter what those other player (clock crew) hater's say. The Clock Crew kicks ass and I might join once I can figure out how (wand where) to get Flash MX. Overall, nice work.

nyiddle responds:

Your best bet is Amazon. That's where I've seen it being sold the cheapest (legally). Otherwise you could give it a shot at eBay, but most of the time they sell ripped versions so you're the one that ends up getting ripped off.

I like CC.

It was good and I totally agree with all of your game reviews. Especially KH2; I just beat it yesterday and it OWN3D!! Yeah so the graphics could have been a bit(just a bit) better, and thats about it. Everything else was pretty good.

Gary_Brolsma........could he really be...

nyiddle responds:

No he couldn't.

CC owns my face

6 Baby Seals walk into a Club

nyiddle responds:

Hilarity ensues.

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3.83 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2006
4:02 PM EDT