Shower Together

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a guy wants to take a shower with his friends and well gets what he wants.


mmmmm cheese

okay clay
drafty kinda off
nice voices funny
okay rock no blood
ahh no comment
funny but not funny enough
4 6/7 then 5 now 6

ClayWay responds:

ok thanks

ummm thats pritty

how do i say gay.... but the movie was nothe that badlike climbing away i dont like take ing shows with guys thats just gay

ClayWay responds:

why did you give it an 8??then.


Why Would You Post A Reply On A Different Account To your other Accounts Movie That's just stupid you have like 3 different accouts ClayWay, Backspin1 and Backspin123 and probably more and the movie was crap your so called "career" is gonna crash and BURN!

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ClayWay responds:

whateva dude.

very good

very good i liked it i hope to see more from you you definitely have a potential of a clay animator you are knoxs competition i must say well done.

ClayWay responds:


Needs work

Next time, try thinking of better storylines, and using a better program. And i'll try not to be mean about this, but it looks like you stole my characters, they have black and white eyes that never blink, and they are in the form of blobs with legs and arms. Try thinking of new character ideas! Maybe write out a design for one on a notepad, then try your best to sculpt it, and you'll do great! And also, about that program your using, it looks like you may have used movie maker on this, try using smoother programs, like Anasazi, you can get a link to it in both of my claymation tutorials.
Good luck!


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ClayWay responds:

let me tell you a lil something your your characters are different colors. your characters have lil bumps on the body thingy whateva. your characters have small eyes. and your character don't move there feet to walk.plus your characters AREN'T AS FUNNY AS MINE!!!!!

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2.49 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2006
2:18 AM EDT
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