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The Toasterclock Collab

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Dont fuck with badjurs!


Flash 8 only k???

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Interesting. Apparantly my original review, as follows:

[Today... Is a day... That will live... In infamy.

Today, the Newgrounds website was suddenly, and purposefully attacked by the spamming power of the CC. Let it be known that we had been at peace with them, but this sudden juvenile advance left many no choice. It forced many to stand up in arms against this prepubescent threat, and in so doing, much flash was blammed. But sadly, the valiant efforts of those brave users was not enough.

I believe we are now left with two choices. We could end this, all of us, if we as one were to stand up, and declare in one loud voice, that we shall not go silently into the darkness, that we will not idly stand by, and watch the portal brim with the fodder of an unthinking mind. Or, we could stand by, and slowly watch the beauty of the portal crumble, melt, and dissolve into nothing but a morass for the inane, the useless, and the pathetic.

I leave this choice, to you.]

Was just a little to harsh as it was deleted. It occurs to me, that one of the reasons it was deleted was that I used too much "emotion" or perhaps too much, "unsubstantiated opinion." So, I should clarify myself just slightly.

There are no real technical aspects to be praised. Just a series of tweens, simplistic line art with badgers, penises, and flashing thingies strewn across a computer screen. For the constructive part of this, I suggest you look at some of the top flashes in the portal, particularly those involving a plot/storyline, and incorporate such revolutionary ideas as those into your collabs, trust me, it would make them better.

I apologize for any truly scarred feelings. Yet, I stand by my original statements, and hope that this adendum clears up any... Miscommunications.

pretty awesome

i liked badgers part the most.


^^Good Points^^
Not sure who Toaster Clock is, maybe I will find out, but I thought this was a swell collab anyway. i really liked the menu layout and color scheme, and the music pwnd. I must admit that no part of this really disappointed me. Bajer's part was my favorite. I thought the end was quite comical. Nice job to all who participated.

^^Needs Improving^^
If I had to pick out one part that I liked the least it was Zekey's part. It's boring just to see toaster just ranting on and on while spinning around.

Badjurs pwn toasterclocks

Some dumn Newgrounds kid trying to challenge me to a flash battle.