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SuperMega-Team Episode 3

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Author Comments

Due to the unexpected popularity of the first film, we bring you, the greatest flash movie ever made in the history of the world*

This is what people had to say

"I need to pee" - Gary Busey

"Optimus Prime should be ashamed" - Charles Bronson

"I liked it, but then again, I suck" - Kurt Cobain

*This is a lie.

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some people have way to much time on their hands...:P

My head assplode!

That was horrible! And by horrible I mean beautiful. This is the stuff of nightmares. Keep em comming. I am so ashamed of watching this. I am going to hit my head against the wall now.

Jesus mother of Nasty

This is, I can honestly say, the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my short existence on this Earth. If 'mind-blowingly gruesome' was what you were going for, you nailed it.

This is the creater of the movie

i don't know how to write awnsers to youre comments, so if any one could tell me, please do so. We were actully 5 people who worked on this flash, you guys always metnion like it was one person. i will start with the latest review.

"Are you gay? Because if you are, you know, that's perfectly exceptable. If not, than your just a big fag who likes to draw penises >:(" what the hell is this supposed to mean.... ofcourse i like to draw penises, what's wrong with that. But you start of by saying are you gay and that's ok, but then you say omg your a big fag!!! well that's just ignorent, go cry somewhere else about how you parents molested you...

"Save your time and just skip this piece of fucking shit." you are shit

"Shit was gay" shit used to be gay, but it was just confused....

"destroy this" woaaa, i can see you are hardcore ;)

this is my favorite review from you very ...very stupid people.... you say:
"I hope you die a slow painful death you sick fuck! Go to hell, eat satan's shit, shit it out, eat it again and then fucking obliterate into nonexistance.
Oh and the flash sucked ass" and then you call me sick, my dear Eiomaru you are retarded if you don't see that what you just said here was sick, but the diffrence between what you say, and what we draw is that we mean no harm with our cartoon, it's just a story but you actully wish us to die a slow and painful death, go to hell, eat satan's shit, shit it out, eat it again, and then fucking obliterate into nonexsistance.... that's just stupid.....


Briliant... best thing EVER...

Credits & Info

4.62 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2006
8:44 PM EDT