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The Secret of Crunch

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Some really old thing I made, and I was bored so... submit to NG, and see what happens.

That voice is not me (Lex and the president is), it's some fourteen-year-old friend. oh, and the lip-syncing is off becaue... well, when I made it I was dumbfounded, and I still am.
MAJOR UPDATE: HEY DUDES AND DUDETTES! I FIXED THE SOUND! Relive the wonders of episode five, digitally remastered to finally... sync..! maybe..!

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ok here goes

Not gonna talk bout the lip synching, or any other obvious stuff except for 1)EDIT THE DAMN MOUSE CLICKS AT THE END OF F'ING AUDIO CLIPS!!! God that drives me nuts. And of course 2) Don't do those sound clips in a damn school cafeteria or wherever the hell it was... other than that I like the part where you blanked everything out and said " What the hell, this took me like a year to animate" and I did like your style of drawing for some reason...apply it to something with more effort.

pastabilities responds:

The only people I voice acted was the president and Lex. I was unable to gain access to a mic at the time I made it. When I was, it was too late to rerecord everything.


Uh well the lip-syncing is off, definitley fix that.

I got a quick chuckle of how terrible the voice acting was.

It seemed pretty random to me.

It wasn't all that great mainly because of the lack of plot and animation.


I didn't like it

Take time to lipsynch, please.

Also, try saying your voices more energetically instead of just a plain old voice. Also try more moving people and stuff.

pastabilities responds:

Lip syncing is too fucking tedious.


Please take time to lip sync.

This was REALLY bad.

Keep practicing though.


pastabilities responds:

Lip syncing is too tedious.

umm u need help

what i first want to say is that it seemed like it dragged ass um the sound could me a lil better ( please take into account people with crap shit pcs) please dont change the sticks im a sucker for sticks