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Free Beer

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My first decent flash, i've submitted one not too long ago, but got blammed ( wich i expected cause it was a fBf of only like 10 sec. long and was just some figures...) so dont let that one influed your votes....thank you!
oh yeah please don't be TOO rough on me, its my first flash...:p and i'd like to give a big thank you too hashnoerej, he's kind of an co-author!

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all, it main

+++ Great rain graphics.

+ Nice use of black on walker to attract eye.

--- Ending characters are too sudden a stylistic jump.

-- Couldn't make out Line of observer #1.

++ Free beer reveal made me smile.

Overall, it mainly confused. But made me smile.

I think you need to wait longer in between the 3 jokes (beer, boom, watchers) to give each more 'power'.

Soupcat responds:

Hey, you reviewed this one as wel !
Djeez, i love the review request club !
but euh, this....wasn't supposed to get more reviews actually....its my very first animation, and euh, well, i do believe it sucks, but, if it gave you a smile, then i'm happy
Thx for the review ! you really have good arguments and its very constructive, you know what your talking about!



*Whistle* No reviews since April?! I gotta reveiw this for ya, seeing as you did mine. I liked it. The backgrounds where cool and I liked the guy who just said random stuff, that was funny. Keep it up = )
p.s Please respond, I am so bored!

Soupcat responds:

Yeah srry for not responding, but my..er...internetz was a bit...like ...TOTALLY GONE...for a month and a half, almost got me killed myself, but today, I'M BACK ONLINE.
oh yeah, thank you very much for the revieuw, really appreciate it, but, seriously, this flash, sucks, big time...oh well, i love people who love random stuff, keep it up!

Very nice background textures

The thing I really liked about this flash is your background textures, that's the thing that stood out the most. The animations of the people also weren't horrendous but could've been better.

The sound was done pretty well but I would fix a few things. First, the people speak too quietly, I could barely hear their voicesand when I turned it up the second problem occured. The voices are too low, and the explosion was way too loud. The sound went bursting out and kind of gave me a headache.

There really wasn't too much humor in this flash either. The joke isn't really that funny, how the guy sees free beer and explodes, and the guys talking in the end, well, I could barely understand them.

Overall, a pretty good flash with very nice background textures but a bad plot.


Soupcat responds:

Yeah, euhm, the sound issue, that had a lot of complaines,


Well, to start I really like the background. The artwork at least in the background was quite good in a simple sort of way - I especially liked liked the grass and the trees. The character designs seemingly were the exact opposite as I really feel they took little to know time to do and could really use some sort of improvements. The audio was fairly hard to understand, I think that could also make a difference. The file szie was good and fit the well.


Soupcat responds:

Thx for a good constructive revieuw! you really nailed everything that is true! the background is indeed an opposite cause i saw it on a tutorial, and used that style, and for the characters, yes, not too long, i am a lazy person and having this bug in my gene made me not do too much work for the dudes (the last too u see, are one of the first people i animated in flash, didn't want too draw new ones)


it wasn't too bad.... very short and fairly random, but it was an alright animation. if you want them to be better in the future, make them a bit longer. that should be able to help you out... maybe also have a look at some tutorials on here.

Soupcat responds:

Thanx for the tip! i really appreciate it! not like the last guy...couldn't even say what's bad and whats not!
i will definatly make one longer then this, this was actually a sort of tryout, what people think of me as a flash author