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Stinky Bean

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Author Comments

Enter the demented universe of Stinky Bean. Carry out missions given to you by your spiritual guide: Scatmonkey.

The Quality can be changed in the pause menu.

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It glitched. I can't play anymore. And i never will again

When I was little, that Monkey creature and the game over screen scared me so much >.<

I forget what he ends up wanting to do with that poor gerbil, but since it is deep fried I really hope he does not want to eat it

The controls suck, the concept is stupid, and the graphics are terrible. Great game!

finnaly some good ol CLASSIC GAME THAT I USED TO PLAY :)

loved it man! its really fun, the bean jumps so stupidly that i cant control it, the weapons make funny farting sounds (the shotgun and the machine gun were really funny) i loved to shoot the eminemies i kinda wanted to use the machine gun more, and you should make stinky bean 3 with even more fun
(stinky bean2 is out now but it is a pussle game, so its not really funny) good work!