Black Knights episode 4

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many months in the making im proud to present
this 12 min segment of the series, which goes deeper into the realm of Loklair and is slowly uncovering any loose ends. So that said I hope you enjoy!

bumblebeetuna out..

WARNING- recomend med quality for best picture, large filesize and high res images


Another Classic for Newgrounds

Again you produce ANOTHER great flash that stands out from the rest of the newbie crap we get on Newgrounds. I'm proud to review this and give it a 5/5 & 10/10.

Can not wait for the next amazing animation.


Cool movie keep it up!

:PS That Black Knight Dude looks like Leon from Resident evil 4


Well i dont like to much of a dick but Please hurry the next one up

It was all right...

But really, it could use, a lot of improvement. My biggest problem is with the sound. Half the time you can't hear what the voice-actors are saying, and when you can hear the voices, you really wish you couldn't, because in all honesty, the voice-acting sounds forced and unbelieveable, for the most part.

However, I don't have a problem with your mixing of eastern and western cultures and mythology. Knights in medieval armour wielding japanese katanas are just plain cool, in my opinion.

Also, the animation seemed kind of stiff, instead of fluid and seamless, that's another thing you might want to work on.

But overall, I liked it. Much kudos.

I want to like it, I really do ..

Nonsensical scant plot lines, worst voice acting I've ever heard, too much white noise during action scenes, 'knights' in an 'anime-style' flash where they use friggen samurai swords .. these are the things that downright ruin your VERY WELL MADE movies which I am positive you put a crapload of effort into.

It's these small aesthetic things that really destract from your work and make it barely tolerable for me and most of my mates. I want to like it, I really, really do, I can see how much effort you put into these things. The whole japanese style of animation with 'knights' and katana's is pretty shit, but .. bring the plot more into play, ease up on the whitenoise sounds and for gods sakes, get less horrid voice actors.

The stereotypical American voice actor is bad enough, but having one with a valleygirl drawl you can't understand unless you're a seppo is very horrible; worse still is the fact they're obviously trying to talk all husky and deep and instead sound like cheap porn stars. I hope to see more of your stuff though, chin up!

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4.05 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2006
2:14 AM EDT